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  A will but also be sensitive to empoisonnement bеcauѕе in a reduce immunity. These great attorneys (asbestos lawyer) may possibly bе our bеѕt expectation tо subscribe to justice or financial renumeration fоr the particular suffering. These production sites аre continually housed located on universities not to mention research is …

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healthy: 10 healthy and useful medical tips

Health is a precious crown placed on the head of every healthy person and free from diseases, and this crown is seen only by every sick and lacking person, and in order to preserve this precious crown, you must follow a set of useful medical advice that we will introduce …

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Sore Throat

Sore Throat: 8 Dangerous Symptoms of Sore Throat

Dangerous Sore Throat Symptoms A dangerous sore throat causes a number of symptoms, from difficulty breathing to blood in the sputum. Learn the 8 signs of a severe sore throat here. Sore throat is an inflammation of the throat due to infection. Generally, the cause of strep throat is a viral and …

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Monkeypox: according to the WHO “is a real risk to public health”

WHO: “Monkeypox is a real risk to public health” Monkeypox: The emergency committee has been called for June 23rd. The concern of a greater spread of the virus in the summer months. “The longer the virus circulates, the wider its scope will be” How common is monkeypox? Europe is at the …

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Tumor: therapies without chemo: the last frontier that gives hope

New laboratory techniques have made many forms of cancer more treatable: this is the case of chronic lymphocytic leukemia Tumor: Advances in research have made many forms of cancer increasingly treatable. Those of the blood, in particular, have made epochal progress in recent years, with the so-called target therapies, which often sent chemotherapy …

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Blood cancers

Blood cancers: first 100 patients treated with CAR-T, life-saving therapies

Blood cancers: The future and current perspectives of humanity’s first anti-cancer gene therapy. The event at the National Cancer Institute of Milan celebrates the good results (also of the Health Service). Heal people who had little left to live. A message of hope for all cancer patients, especially those with …

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Omicron variant

Omicron variant: Discovered symptom not attributable to the Omicron variant

Vira (LE) – Shortness of breath, speech disturbances, difficulty moving, confusion, chest pain, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating (unspecified), dizziness, earache, skin rash, hives, hair loss, hearing loss, tinnitus, nail spots. According to the papers, these are some of the symptoms that have been associated with the Omicron …

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health: Putin dismisses doubts about his mental health

Putin dismisses doubts about his mental health and appoints his horse as Foreign Minister of health “ It’s full of people suggesting that I am crazy. But I’m not crazy. The little voices in my head say it too: Vladimir, you’re not crazy! “. It is with these lucid words that the Tsar …

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