On Saturday morning, illegal US migrants mostly Romanians and Albanians crossed border into the United State.

Some patrol agent who saw the migrants gathered them mostly includes multiple minor.
It was discovered that the set of migrants who entered US illegally were mostly from South America while more migrants are still expected to arrive.

It was discovered that those migrants are coming in through an incomplete border that was embarked upon by the adminstration of the former President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Immediately Joe Biden assume office in January, the construction of the border where the migrants are now coming through was halted creating a larger space and making it easier for the migrants to be coming in.

As a result of the “halt” Millions of border materials were wasted in Texas. Out of over 100miles border materials put in place by Trump’s administration, only 14miles materials were used before Trump vacated office leave the remaining material left unused.

According to Rodney scott, boarder security Chief to President Joe said “US have been paying Millions each day for the contract even when the contract has been put on hold”

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