In The USA Telugu Has Not Been Recognized As The Official Language

Fact: Neither Telugu nor any additional Indian language has been comprehended as the authorized language in the USA. At the State grade, some of the States retain authorized languages but none of them has Telugu as their accepted language. 

While it is real that some substance of the elections have been furnished in the Telugu language, but it is restricted to some portions of the USA. Hence the assertion earned in the center is FALSE.

When we surveyed on the internet about the authorized languages in the USA, it was organize that no language has been comprehended as the accepted language in the USA. On the USA Government website, it can be examine that – ‘there is no “official” language at the nationwide level for the United States.

 Although the most normally wielded language is English, more than 300 languages are verbal or ratified by the community. Some individual states schedule English as their accepted language’. While there have been endeavors to comprehend ‘English’ as the administrator language, no constitution has been enacted till date.

 As previously as 2019, bills were inaugurated in the House of Representatives and Senate to announce English as the accepted terminology of the USA.

At the State degree, some of the States have accepted languages. While the State of California has accepted English as the administrator language, the State of Alaska has recognized 20 aboriginal languages and English as accepted languages. But no evidence was organize heeding the distinction of Telugu as an accepted language in any State.

In the State of California, under California Elections Code section 14201 language regulations, 14 terminologies (including Telugu) were added recently to boost the voters for the impending elections. Not all counties in the State of California disseminate evidence in Telugu, only some districts in different counties. Further circumstances can be found here.

At last neither Telugu nor any language has been comprehended as the accepted language in the USA.


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