“Increase China’s Activities Near Taiwan Seems Like Rehearsal”__LIoyd Austin.

The United States Secretary of defense, Lloyd Austin has on Saturday said that China’s increasing milliary activities near Taiwan signify a rehearsal of the country intention in future.

Austin made this statement during a vital discussion with a reporter where he pointed out how China has launched many air operation near Taiwan in about some months.

When Austin was asked by Baier, “Do you think that these are training flight for future operations?”

Austin made it known that he’ll not speculate but said, “certainly, it seems they’re exploring what their true capabilities are and it seems like a rehearsal!”

According to Austin, “America is a pacific power, the indo pacific is a place of greater opportunity and real challenges, among the challenges is the emergence of an increasing assertive and Autocratic China.”

According to the defense, “We’re facing a formidable challenges but during war and peace, we’re always stronger when working with our friend.”

He explained that “US will not force any country to choose either U.S or China. The Biden’s leadership is looking forward to boldster deterrence against the aggression of Chinese over Taiwan.

In the Indo-pacific, the tension between U.S and China have continued to escalate as Chinese Community Party(CCP) set to reunite Taiwan and its mainland.