Indian couple sues son daughter-in-law over lack of grandchild

Indian couple sues son daughter-in-law over lack of grandchild:A couple in Haridwar, Uttarakhand have moved the courts in opposition to their son and daughter-in-regulation for no longer giving them a grandchild but. They have accused the younger couple of harassing them domestically and mentally and feature demanded both a grandchild or compensation of Rs 5 crore from them.

As according to reports, the couple named Sanjeev Prasad and Sadhana Prasad were given their son Shrey Sagar married to Shubhangi within the year 2016. The couple become despatched for his or her honeymoon to Thailand however had been mentally pressured every time they asked for a grandchild.
“They were wedded in 2016 in hopes of getting grandchildren. We didn’t care approximately gender, simply wanted a grandchild”, stated father Sanjeev Prasad.

“We did the whole thing for our infant. We raised him inside the first-rate viable way. We spent Rs 35 lakhs and sent him to the us for his pilot education direction, and spent extra Rs 20 lakhs for his posh life-style. Also, we offered an Audi vehicle for him and his wife. The car cost us a loan really worth Rs 65 lakhs. We got him married in 2016 so that he may want to maintain our circle of relatives name. But it’s been six years and they may be now not fulfilling our desire”, Shrey Sagar’s mom introduced.

The vintage couple accused their daughter-in-law of mentally harassing the mother-in-regulation for asking a grandchild.check for more news.

“We are afflicted financially and individually. We have taken a mortgage to build a house. We have demanded Rs 2.Five cr each from each my son and daughter-in-regulation in our petition”, the daddy delivered.

Advocate AK Shrivastava told the media that the case portrays the fact of society. “We spend money on our youngsters, lead them to able to operating in correct firms. Children owe their mother and father simple monetary care. The parents have demanded both a grandchild inside a 12 months or repayment of Rs 5 crores”, he confirmed.

The couple’s petition, which has been filed in Haridwar, is expected to be heard via a courtroom on May 17.Indian couple sues son daughter-in-law over lack of grandchild