IS JAMES HARDEN REIGNITED AFTER BIG GAME 4:James Harden is one of the nice shooting guards in the NBA. He is currently a part of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball crew. Prior to joining the 76ers, Harden performed for the Houston Rockets.

In 2018, Harden and the Houston Rockets were given eliminated from the NBA playoffs.

After the Houston Rockets’ removal from the NBA playoffs, a Houston-based expert wrestler having the ring call, James Harden, appeared on WWE Raw.

He competed in a match against Curt Hawkins on the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Before the match began, Curt Hawkins requested his opponent to reveal his call. And the Houston-based individual named himself James Harden.

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Following this in shape, WWE additionally stated on its legit internet site, “The Houston Rockets can be removed from the NBA playoffs, but James Harden — or at least a Houston nearby named James Harden — still scored a win.”

Who is WWE’s, James Harden?

During his most effective healthy in WWE, Will Lockhart took the ring call of James Harden. Apart from WWE, he additionally appeared in AEW and Impact Wrestling.visit our website.

ow did Will Lockhart defeat Curt Hawkins on WWE Raw?

During his WWE career, Curt Hawkins had a dropping streak storyline. And Will Lockhart became a part of this storyline.

Will Lockhart exceeded Curt Hawkins his 200th loss (in storyline). But Baron Corbin (now known as Happy Corbin) had a chief function in Hawkins’ loss.

Curt Hawkins had manipulate of the suit. And it gave the look of his losing streak would give up against Will Lockhart. But Corbin came walking into the ring and attacked Will Lockhart.

The assault on Lockhart brought about a Disqualification loss for Curt Hawkins. Thus, Will Lockhart became the person at hand Curt Hawkins his 200th loss in his dropping streak storyline in WWE.

Do you don’t forget this fit between Will Lockhart and Curt Hawkins? Let us know inside the feedback under.IS JAMES HARDEN REIGNITED AFTER BIG GAME 4

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