Jerry West Threatens Supreme Court Action For Winning Time

Jerry West Threatens Supreme Court Action For Winning Time:It appears Jerry West will take legal motion in opposition to HBO’s “Winning Time.”

West has made it clean he’s no longer happy with how he’s portrayed within the famous 8-episode series about the upward thrust of the Lakers dynasty. He sent a letter to HBO from his legal professional, Louis R. Miller, last week.

“You replaced the actual Jerry West — a consummate expert — together with his polar opposite, then portrayed this lie to the general public as proper,” the letter reads, through the Los Angeles Times. “You thereby violated the law.”

“… To mitigate the harm you have got caused, we request the issuance of a retraction of Winning Time’s false depiction of Jerry West no later than weeks from the date of this letter. You additionally owe Mr. West an apology for your hurtful misrepresentation of his work and legacy, plus damages for the damage you triggered to his properly-earned and stellar recognition.”

West isn’t preventing there. He advised sports editor Bill Dwyre he’s inclined to take this all of the manner to the Supreme Court if he has to.

“The series made us all [the Lakers] appear to be cool animated film characters,” West instructed Dwyre. “They belittled some thing accurate. If I should, I will take this all the way to the Supreme Court.”

It’s unclear if West may want to virtually have a case against HBO. “Winning Time” is a dramatized portrayal of the Lakers’ upward push. It fictionalizes positive components.

This seems to be just the begin of West’s conflict against HBO and its Lakers-themed series.Jerry West Threatens Supreme Court Action For Winning Time.visit our website for more new updates.