Joe Biden Biography, Age, Height, Career and Net Worth

About Joe Biden

Joe Biden Biography, Age, Height, Career And Net Worth
Joe biden biography, age, height, career and net worth Joe Biden[/caption]

Joe Biden Jr. is an American politician, currently the 2020’s president-elect of the United States. On the 20th of January 2021, Bidden will inaugurate as the 46th president after he successfully defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 United States presidential race. Previously, Joseph Bidden served as a United States senator for Delaware (1973-2009) before being America’s 47th vice president (2009-2017).

Bidden began his political journey after he was elected as the New Castle County Councillor (1970) before going on record as the sixth-youngest senator in American history after he was as the senator for Delaware at the age of 29. Bidden has served in the U.S senate from 1973 to 2009.

Joe Biden’s Early Life

Joe Biden Biography, Age, Height, Career And Net Worth
Joe biden biography, age, height, career and net worth A young joe[/caption]

The 20th of November, 1942 marks Joe Biden’s s birthday. Bidden came to this world as the firstborn child to Catherine Finnegan and Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. He has a sister named Valerie and two brothers namely Francis and James. Bidden grew up in a catholic family and attended the Archmere Academy. In high school, Bidden belongs to the High School football team where he played the halfback pitch positions. Bidden was naturally a leader since throughout his junior and senior years in high school, he was the class president. He later joined the University of Delaware in Newark where he graduated in 1965 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, a double major in political science and history, and a minor in English.

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Joe Biden’s Family Life

First Marriage

Joe Biden’s first-ever marriage experience was with Neilia Hunter whom he married on the 27th of August 1966. The couple wedded in a catholic church in Skaneateles, New York. They together were blessed with three children Joseph R. “Beau” Biden III (1969–2015), Robert Hunter Biden (1970), and Naomi Christina “Amy” Biden (1971–1972). On the 18th of 1972 however, an automobile accident claimed the lives of Neilia Hunter together with their daughter Naomi leaving Robert and Bidden III as casualties. The accident occurred in Hockessin, Delaware where the family had gone for Christmas shopping.

Second Marriage

Joe Biden Biography, Age, Height, Career And Net Worth
Joe biden biography, age, height, career and net worth Joe with his wife[/caption]

The year 1975 marked three years after the demise of Biden’s wife and daughter and was still the year when he met Jill Tracy Jacobs on a blind date. The duo dated for two years before finally tying the knots of life at a catholic church in New York. The couple has been blessed with one daughter, Ashley Blazer (1981).

Joe Biden’s Career Life

After graduating with his law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law in 1968, Bidden first served as a clerk at a law firm in Wilmington before he started practicing law as a public defender in 1969. The yea 1970 saw Bidden elected as the councilor of New Castle County, Delaware. Two years later (1972) Bidden became Delaware’s senator after he successfully defeated J. Caleb Boggs. Bidden won subsequent elections thereby retaining the Delaware seat for 36 years.

In 1987, Bidden pledged candidacy for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination, an attempt that never through following different speech plagiarism allegations. He is an experienced politician after serving in the Senate Committee on the Judiciary (1987-1995) as well as being a ranking minority member (1981-1987). His political journey rose to the peak when he served as a two-term U.S Vice President (2009-2017) during Barrack Obama’s regime. Bidden is the current president-elect of the United States after defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 United States presidential election.

Joe Biden’s Height, Weight, and Net worth

  • Joe Bidden has an impressive height of 183 centimeters which is an equivalent of 6’0” Feet.
  • He weighs 82 Kilograms which translates to 181 Pounds.
  • As of 2020, Biden’s estimated net worth stands at $ 9 Million.
  • His net worth has been arrived at based on his real estate total portfolio of $ 4.
  • Cash and Investments worth $ 4 million.
  • Federal pension worth about $ 1 million.
  • All these summed up total his approximate $ 9 million net worth.

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