The President Joe Biden’s leadership has enough of options to make especially on its promise to financially punish Russia if their President, Vladimir Putin invades Ukraine, from sanctions aiming Putin’s associates to shun Russia from the financial system that transfer money througout the world.

The allies of US and European have not made any public comment of the plans to give response militarily by themselves should in case Putin sends troops massed to the border into Ukraine, a republic of former Soviet union with close historical and cultural ties to Russia but now eager to align with West and NATO.

Over the past decades, the United States has already given a series of sanctions against Russian and individuals, most of them are over Russia’s invasion and Crimea support for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine in U.S, 2014. They have also sought to penalize Russia for interferencing in the election, cyber activities and rights abuses.

The West has helped Ukraine build up its military since 2014 while Putin denies the intention to launch an offensive, his caucus would face a Ukrainian army which are more capable of causing a fight.

This year, Joe Biden leadership further restricted Russia’s ability to get loan by placing a ban on the U.S. financial institutions from making Russian government to be able to buy bonds directly from state institutions. But the sanctions didn’t aim at the secondary market, making this seems as a their next step.

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