Jones Disagreed With Trump, Says, He’s The Future of Republican In Georgia.

The Gubernatorial Candidate of Georgia Vernon Jones has argued that he’s “the future of GOP in the State.”

Jones who is a former Democratic state representative defected to the GOP last year after serving as a leader of Black surrogate and loyalist of former President Trump’s reelection campaign in Georgia.

In April, he introduced what pundits consider as a long-shot primary challenge against GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

According to Jones, “people know that I have stood strong for Donald Trump and the America First agenda.”

Immediatel after former Sen. David Perdue also announced his Republican gubernatorial race following some months of encouragement by Donald Trump but shortly after Jones was interviewed, he suffered a setback as Trump already formally endorsed Perdue as his Candidate.

According to Trump on Perdue, “a Conservative fighter who isn’t afraid of the Radical Left, the only candidate in Georgia who can beat” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in the 2022 election.”

When Jones was asked on what he would do if Donald Trump declares support for Perdue, Jones answered, “We’re in it to win it. I would appreciate President Trump’s endorsement. It’s important. But I also know that you can win this election with the endorsement of the people of Georgia. And that’s where my focus is.”

And he disagreed with Trump, saying, “I’m the only candidate that can hold the line with the Republican Party, have them enthused about coming out in record numbers, and at the same time be able to capture a significant part of the minority community, that are Democrats…and defeat Stacey Abrams.”