Julia Roberts explains why she hasn t starred in a rom com in 20 years


Julia Roberts explains why she hasn t starred in a rom com in 20 years:Julia Roberts has revealed why she hasn’t starred in a rom-com inside the remaining two many years.

The Oscar-winning actress admitted that the pass turned into a aware choice on her component, genuinely due to the fact she hasn’t located some thing “good enough.”

During an interview with the New York Times Magazine, Roberts said “human beings occasionally misconstrue the quantity of time that’s gone through” as her “now not wanting” to do a romantic comedy.

“If I had examine something that I idea turned into ‘Notting Hill’ degree of writing or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ stage of madcap fun, I could do it,” she explained.

“They didn’t exist till this film that I simply did (Ticket to Paradise) that Ol Parker wrote and directed.”

Julia Roberts in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” in 1997.

During the interview, Roberts, fifty four, also said her own family is every other motive why she thinks two times earlier than taking on an onscreen assignment.

“Here’s the factor: If I’d concept something turned into properly sufficient, I would have accomplished it,” she persevered.check our website for more details.

“But I additionally had three youngsters in the last 18 years. That increases the bar even greater because then it’s now not only ‘Is this material right?’ It’s additionally the mathematics equation of my husband’s paintings time table and the children’ faculty time table and summer holiday.”

“It’s not simply, ‘Oh, I suppose I want to do this.’ I have a feel of excellent delight in being domestic with my own family and considering myself a homemaker,” she delivered.

What’s more, Roberts admitted a “sense of obligation” for “displaying my youngsters that I may be creative and that it’s meaningful to me – so significant that for intervals of time I will pick out to focus on that almost extra than my own family, which has been tough for me to come back to terms with.”

Julia Roberts at the premiere of “Notting Hill” in Manhattan in 1999.