Justin Bieber admires crocs so much that he formulated a set in time for October.

Justin Bieber and the footwear brand Crocs are uniting. On Wednesday, the musician and the corporation declared openly their layout collaboration inspired by the Grammy-winner’s clothing brand, drew the house’s signature yellow colour.

The cooperation will start the Classic Croc with eight traditions Jibbitz™ charms designed to fit Bieber’s vibes and laid-back technique. Justin Bieber who has been a long-time follower of vast Yeezys and Nikes, but now he is admired for resolving his own name to a partnership with Crocs. His fans admired his partnership with crocs.

Justin Bieber admires crocs so much that he formulated a set in time for October.


  • Justin Bieber crocs are coming soon.
  • Justin Bieber’s crocs post got more than 1.4M likes on social media
  • Justin Bieber’s fans are really very excited about his crocs.

In a press release, Justin Bieber said that As an artist, it’s signing that his innovations stay true to himself and his style. He wears Crocs all the time, so designing his own pair came naturally.

Justin Bieber embarrassed a possible affiliation with Crocs on his Instagram earlier this month. Bieber simply captioned the photo “Soon.” The image featured a set of Crocs floating in a pool, comprising similar Jibbitz charms attached. Bieber proclaimed openly on Wednesday sunrise that his design, made in partnership with his Drew House label and Crocs, is appearing on Oct. 13. This attitude comes in the signature clog silhouette and is seen in Drew House yellow, with added Jibbitz, including one made in the Drew logo, a cartoon doughnut, beer, also earned with Drew House branding.

  • Justin Bieber has also done other custom and beauty agreements in the past. In the previous year, the singer teamed with personal-care brand Schmidt’s Naturals for a deodorant alliance.
  •  Plus, Bieber worked together with Forever 21 in 2016 to develop the product for his Purpose tour. Justin Bieber furthermore occurred in several ads for Calvin Klein.

On the Instagram post-Justin, Bieber said that “I’ve been wearing Crocs since the beginning of time, and now I have my own design,”  Justin Bieber and his fans both are very excited for his new entry to crocs.