Juventus did not see such a thing in the last four and half years

After leaving the Spanish giants Real Madrid behind, Cristiano Ronaldo has not witnessed such a thing earlier. How can he? Because, in the last four and a half years, the same thing did not happen with the Italian champion. Juventus did not see such a thing in the last four and a half years.

Juventus Did Not See Such A Thing In The Last Four And Half Years

Match Against Conte

Inter Milan which is one of the big Italian clubs did not see victory against Juventus after the last September 2016. But waiting for the victory has finally ended. At the home venue, Inter Milan has got the victory by a 2 – 0 goal against the current Serie A champion.

The two goals have been scored by Arturo Vidal and Nicolo Barella. Both of them are midfielders. After the victory which they got earlier today, after ten long years, the team of Antonio Conte is seeing the dream of lifting the Serie A title clearly.

King of Serie A

However, Antonio Conte led Juventus to dominate the Serie A for the last decade and became the king of the Italian top flight. Now, the game has been changed. Instead of standing on the Old Lady’s dug-out, Antonio Conte is leading their opponent Inter Milan.

So, his responsibility is to take back the Serie A throne from Juventus now. The kingdom he made for the Old Lady, he is now intending to destroy. On the way to his target, Conte is leading Inter Milan well enough, it seems. After the last match, the thing has been more clearer. As a result, team Cristiano had a disappointing night.

Arturo Vidal

Not only Antonio Conte but also the former attacking midfielder of the Old Lady is moving towards the same target as the manager. Yes, we are talking about Arturo Vidal who is the former player of the Italian giants Juventus. Under the guidance of Antonio Conte, this Chilean midfielder once played for the Old Lady. Now, he is securing the midfield of Inter Milan under the same boss Conte.

Juventus did not see such a thing

Nicolo Barella made the cross and in the 12th minutes of the game, Vidal put a knife in his former club’s chest perfectly. In the 53rd minute of the 2nd half, this Barella increased the goal difference against the Killer Lady. Based on the two goals, after seven matches, Inter Milan got the victory against the Italian champion. It’s a big achievement for the club and their confidence level has become stronger.

Andrea Pirlo Is Unhappy

After facing such defeat, the current manager of the Old Lady Andrea Pirlo has become very unhappy. The legendary midfielder has seen the lackings in their own perspective. Yes, it was the worst defeat. There is no worse match than that can be played. From the very beginning, Juventus did not play for the victory. At least from their playing style, the thing can be checked clearly. They feared Inter Milan from the beginning of the game. They just tried to secure their defense but did not think of making some aggressive moves in the game.

After the victory against Juventus, with the top-ranked team AC Milan, Inter Milan has no gap still, they are holding the 2nd position. Yes, AC Milan has played fewer matches than their arch-rivals. If in their 18th round, AC Milan can manage just one point, they will move to the top clearly.

Antonio Conte has been impressed by the team’s performance and attacking mentality. To defeat a team like Juventus, they had to be perfect and they were. His apprentices perfectly played like their plan. Such a victory will increase their confidence level no doubt.