Kamala Harris Assured Americans of “Health Care For All”.

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris has called for a credible Health Care that fit United State and testified that the Corona pandemic has totally exposed some deficiency in the US health sector.


Kamala Harris made it know that the Biden administration will spend $1.5Billion out of the relief package to employ more workers in the Health sector.


Harris said in her statement that “United State under President Joe Biden will be investing massively in the Health sector so as to give access to all Americans who are in need of health care.


The $1.5Billion funding will be handled by the National health service corps and there will also be scholarship opportunities and loan repayment for Students who are in the health care line if they assured to work in an unwarranted environment.


Concerning the White House task force on Covid-19, “Mr. President and myself have seek for advice from the members of task force on Covid-19 as we’re planning to reach the dept of the Health Care system”.

“If you asked any health care professional, they’ll let you know that Covid-19 didn’t invent the health disparities” she added

What do you think about the future of America in the Health Sector?