Kamala Harris who is the Vice President to Joe Biden is not sure if added travel restriction will be implemented over the Covid-19 Omicron variant growth.

The Vice President made it public on Wednesday during the first National space Council meeting that Biden’s administration space policy will make fighting against climate change a priority.
Kamala Harris who is the Chairman of the council pinpointed how advantageous the coming together and dissemination of satelite technology are being used to predict weather.

Harris said, “If we think about it, these satellites provides real images of our nation’s landscape as natural disasters increase frequently.” The image here are being used by first responders”
Also, the images are being used by the farmer in order to asseses their plants.

As from today, this council has pledged to be releasing data in order to make it reach larger audience.
Earlier on Wednesday, the United States in collaboration with the private, public and Philanthropist sector will speed up the development and use Earth observation to support climate change.

The issue of climate change is among the most top priorities that the council under the leadership of Harris will tackle.
It should be noted that this council was revived by the former President Donald J. Trump after about 20years hiatus.

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