The Vice President of United States of America, Kamala Harris has been named as the next choice for Democratic Party if perhaps the United States President, President Joe Biden decided not to run in 2024 as a result of her performance since she assumed the position of the Vice Presidential post.

Although, President Joe Biden has been lobbying some Democratic leaders for his second term ambition while some leaders of the Party didn’t buy to his second term idea due to his age and loss of the Gubernatorial election by Democratic Party in Virginia.

Harris who has been favoured by the opinion poll of the Democratic as a possible successor to the Biden’s Presidency but her steps and rating which revealed 53:47 percent against her has made some leaders of the Democratic to be reconsidering their earlier position.

On a certain day after the report by the media House, the white House’s announcer who was at the Biden’s signing ceremony of the infrastructural bill ommited Harris’s time to speak and went further to introduce Heather Kurtenbach, union Political leader as the Vice President.

At the front scene, Harris had caused a lot of controversies as the Vice President especially when she was ridiculed to be imitating a French accent when she was speaking to a French scientist.

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