Kanye West is surveying at just 2 per cent forward of US election next month

Striving US President Kanye West is interviewing at just 2 per cent nationally, according to an announcement published by Reuters last week.

In swivel nations such as Wisconsin, Michigan and North Carolina, he exists reportedly surveying below this terrible federal figure, allegedly enrolling 0 per cent of voter income in the latter of these regions.

The rapper is battling a hard war with his presidential crusade; West’s phrase is nowadays set to occur on the voting in just 11 of the 50 US states. Of these 11, only one, Minnesota, was deemed a swing nation at the 2016 election.

Nation administrators from Ohio and Illinois, West’s residence state, declared openly previous week that he would not seem on either state’s voting at the election next month, giving birth to not accepted sufficient impressions to enroll as an autonomous nominee.

The rapper has reportedly plummeted almost $12million of his own cash into his presidential crusade thus far, expending more than a district of that in the month of September independently.

In difference, West governed to put forward only $2,782 last month, expanding to his total of $17,635 in budgets accrued since declaring openly his crusade in July.

In favorable news for his crusade, West published a reasonable presidential crusade ad on October 12.

“What is America’s fate? What is sufficient for our country? Our species? What is just, true justice?” the rapper contemplated in the tape.

“We remember to believe almost all these facets together as a people.”

  • New York rapper 50 Cent, who remembered hit certificates in the mid-2000s, newly told his 26 million Instagram supporters to elect for Trump, after dealing a screenshot of data pertained to retired Vice President Joe Biden’s tariff proposal. The post accentuated almost how out-of-touch 50 Cent is with new Black species in America when it stopped with this aside: kenye west said that he don’t care Trump doesn’t like black population .

When done straight, the song of hip-hop can make a Black child like myself want to memorize about politics. This transpires over and over then until an entire era of Black species, sparked by the song, become singers for favourable

 change in their respective communities.