Karim Benzema is France’s all time best striker says Zinedine Zidane

In the last season, Benzema played a vital role in lifting the league title after two poor seasons. And in the running season, it seems that Benzema is leading the team all alone. After last night’s match, the French boss Zinedine Zidane revealed his impression about the French striker. According to the opinion of the true French manager, Karim Benzema is France’s all-time best striker.

Because of the disturbance relation with the French national team manager Didier Deschamps, for a long time, the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema has not got the chance to wear the French national team’s jersey. If he could play regularly, he had the chance of breaking many records, many football analysts believe that still.

Karim Benzema Is Frances All Time Best Striker

But that did not come true. Still, he is showing his true nature on the ground. Still, now, he is the main weapon in the Real Madrid attacking squad, and the coach Zidane has the utmost faith in the great French striker.

Karim Benzema is France’s all-time best striker

Now, if we notice the last night’s game of Real Madrid, they have defeated Athletic Bilbao in La Liga by a 3 – 1 goal. And the French striker has scored two goals as we speak. Karim Benzema’s effort for the team has impressed the legendary manager of Real Madrid Zidane.

He has been so impressed and regarded Benzema as the best forward in the history of French football and did not hesitate to declare that a little. If a manager like Zidane praises like that then perhaps we should focus on something.

The striker like Thierry Henry who is the highest goalscorer in the history of France and wearing the shirt of Barcelona and Arsenal, spent colorful seasons. Besides, he won the FIFA World Cup alongside Zinedine Zidane also. But it seems that when Zidane has praised his apprentice Karim Benzema, he just forgot his former teammate who once stood beside him.

When Zidane faced the question about his apprentice Benzema that is Karim Benzema the best striker in the history of France football, Zidane’s answer was so simple. In his opinion, of course, he is. In every second, Benzema is giving his best and so, they can make the imagination about his ability.

Benzema is at the Bernabeu for a long time and at the end of the day, the records are announcing his name. Yes, Benzema is the best of all. There is no doubt in it.

Karim Benzema is playing like the striker and also wears the number 9 jersey. Also, Zidane has added some other qualities of his favorite apprentices as we speak. Benzema is not some selfish striker who just ignores others and only loves to score goals. He also makes the attack and plays vital roles behind the goals. Because of all the reasons, Zidane is very fond of him. He is not as usual number 9. Benzema is not just thinking of scoring goals at all.

Earlier today, Zidane’s team faced Athletic Club in the Spanish La Liga competition and won by a 3 – 1 goal. In the 13th minute of the game, Raul Garcia of Athletic Club was given the red card and the guest team became a ten men’s squad.

At the end of the first half, the German star Toni Kroos led the local team ahead but just seven minutes later, Ander Capa led the guest team to return to the game.

In the 74th minute, the French striker Karim Benzema once again led Real Madrid ahead and in the 2nd additional minute of the game, he scored his 2nd as well as the 3rd goal of the team. So, Real Madrid managed the expected victory against Athletic Bilbao.