Kerry: Climate change evangelist or USA’s practical bargain producer?

America’s incoming environment envoy might strive to broaden the Paris pact and assess an unreasonable responsibility on nations like India

The enduring recollection, not too nice, is of a John Kerry, then Chairman of the US Foreign Relations Committee, hectoring an organization of Climate Change diplomats, which encompassed me, at a conference hosted by him in 2009. We existed in Washington for a trial of the Major Economies’ Conference to try and attain a wide peace on the consequence of the Copenhagen Climate Change conference slated in December that year. 

The US was shoving for a treaty that would eliminate the difference between advanced and formulating economies and rather inaugurate a difference between major and not-so-major nursery gas emitters.

 In addition, there would be a widespread template to evaluate Climate Change efforts by several nations, dismissing the tenet of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities(CBDR) .

India was fraction of the Basic Group of Brazil, China, India and South Africa that existed in the forefront of conserving the honesty of the UNFCCC and its tenets and requirements, and withstanding endeavors by the US and other advanced nations to change positions the responsibility of climate-change effort on to formulating nations. 

When Kerry set out the US position, it was naturally countered by the BASIC representatives. We pointed out that the US was attempting to change the very mandate of the multilateral negotiations then underway, and going back on consensus principles which the US itself had been party to. Kerry’s response was arrogant and aggressive.

 At one juncture during a hot exchange, he told that the BASIC nations were all main recent and prospective emitters, not the US, nor Europe.

 The statement that formulated countries were accountable for the bulk of the greenhouse gas emissions amassed in the earth’s environment, and that they should shoulder the tremendous part of obligation to lessen them, cut no ice just though during her conference with us, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had conceded this ancient obligation of both the US and other industrialized nations.

 Kerry expired his tirade with a threat that those ceasing to function to prevent their recent and soaring emissions could evolve accountable to worldwide embargoes. 

This was arriving from a country which at the period was the hugest sole emitter of greenhouse waters in the earth. As we thereafter glimpsed at Copenhagen, the US arrived with nobody to put on the table but left announcing coup.