The six-times Ballon d’Or winner revealed many things. The report says that Lionel Messi is not the king of the dressing room. Earlier, the complete interview was published by the channel. Messi told many things and revealed a few secrets there as well. Messi described his childhood, about his club Barcelona, about his favorite friends Neymar and Suarez also.

The defeat against Cadiz and Juventus were so terrible for the Barcelona captain Lionel Messi and he was under great pressure. As a result, the Spanish journalist Jordi Evole feared losing the previous schedule which he fixed for the Barca captain. But still that moment, Lionel Messi kept his word. The Christmas holiday was ahead and in these circumstances, to the Spanish television channel La Sexta, Messi gave an interview.

Lionel Messi is not the king of the dressing room

The King of the Dressing Room

For a long time, the word is being said that Lionel Messi is the king of the dressing room. even they have claimed that Messi decides their coach and the players who will be grounded. Many football fans are considering that as the true fact. But Messi feels bored.

All the topics used to come to the news portals but not all of them are right. He does not decide who will come to the team who will not. No. The Argentine national football team captain Messi has made things clear. He is not the king of the dressing room.

Favorite Athletes

Raphael Nadal, Federer, Lebron James are his favorite. In every game, there is one or more players who are so praised. In football, Cristiano Ronaldo impresses him so much. He loves the best athletes who used to give their best.

Debut in Barcelona

It was a very difficult time when he joined Camp Nou. At the age of 13, he left all others and came to an unknown place and he did not know anything or anyone. It was an important experience that helped him to grow up. He was so shy and was inside him.

It seemed that he created a wall that was never meant to be broken easily. Nothing could touch him at that time. He always thought about what he wanted and wanted to fill up his dream as well. Besides, he kept his whole concentration on the games, and gradually, he got few friends in the club.

Life of Messi

Messi lives a normal life. Very very normal. Sometimes, he gets bored also. Messi gets up early in the morning every day. Then take his breakfast and go for the practice. After that, he returns home and spends time with his wife and kids. When he returns, it is 8 o’clock at night. So, he took dinner and go to bed. Besides, he also aware of everything that happens around him every day.

He feels for everything. Yes, Messi considers himself lucky how he spends his life. But sometimes he thinks if he gets a normal life, he can freely go to the market, go to the cinema and doing everything he wants easily. The Argentine star also grateful for the love he receives from his fans.

The Defeat Against Bayern Munich

Messi’s Barcelona faced the defeat against Bayern Munich in the last season’s Champions League quarter-final by an 8 – 2 goals. It was the worst result for the team ever. From the view of the defeat, how they were defeated was a very difficult time for the team. They have spent a very tough year. Yes, they can face a defeat but not like that.


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