Koeman does not see the possibility of winning La Liga

Now, when the team of Koeman lost points, he has accepted the current condition of the club. The reality is too hard to accept. From their current standing, Koeman does not see the possibility of winning La Liga.

The question has raised. It is an obvious question. Barcelona has already ruled out from the La Liga title race or not? If we look at their last match in the league, against Eibar, they have lost points at the home venue and then again, the coach of the club faced such type of question.

Koeman Does Not See The Possibility Of Winning La Liga

Last Match

At the Camp Nou, earlier yesterday the match against Eibar ended with a 1 – 1 goal draw. Because of their own fault, Barcelona went behind at the beginning. Later, Ousmane Dembele was grounded as the substitute player and scored a goal.

Based on his goal, Barcelona avoided the defeat. But still, they lost points. Now, on the way to reclaim the league throne, Barcelona has been demoted to the sixth positions. Barcelona is still 7 points behind the top-ranked team Atletico Madrid. And the team of Simeone played two fewer matches than the Catalan club.

Koeman does not see the possibility of winning

Team Barcelona which is the 2nd most successful Spanish club is stumbling on a regular basis in the running season. So, the manager of the club Koeman has accepted the failure. He has also realized that winning the league title has become much harder for the club. After losing points against Eibar in the press Koeman has accepted that.

But still, he is not ready to give up. To speak the truth, if they consider the reality, to win the league title will be very tough for them now. But nothing is impossible. Still, they have to accept the big points difference with Atletico Madrid. The team of Simeone is in great form now and has become very stronger. They are winning many matches and do not concede many goals also.

Barca’s Performance in League

If we consider the last twelve seasons of La Liga, the Catalan club has won the league titles eight times. If the prediction of Koeman is true, after the season 2007/08, it will be the very first time for them to miss the league title for a consecutive 2bd season. Against Eibar, Barcelona went to play excluding the skipper Lionel Messi.

The captain was on the empty gallery and saw the disaster of his club. His team missed chances one after another. At the beginning of the match, the new number 9 Martin Braithwaite missed the penalty. Besides, Ousmane Dembele also got a few good chances. But once again, the team has failed to use the chances properly. At the same time, the mistakes of defense have been added.

Into the midfield, the local team made a remarkable mistake and the guest team Eibar went ahead by using the chance properly. Ten minutes later, the French forward Dembele led the club to the match. Later, they still got enough time to get the full three points but failed. At the home venue, against Valencia, the Catalan club made another draw earlier. And now, when the team once again lost points against Eibar at the home arena, Koeman does not ready to accept that.

The first goal is always amazing for a team. Because after that the team always gather proper confidence and can able to play freely. Still, Barcelona had more chances to take the lead. The draw is not the expected result. But in recent time, the same thing is happening to them. Yes, they are missing Lionel Messi who used to make the difference every time.