Kottonmouth Kings organizing unit and rapper Saint Dog disappears at the age of 44

The founding component of Southern California hip-hop group, Kottonmouth Kings, Saint Dog departed yesterday on October 14, 2020. He stood 4 years old. The reason of death has not yet prevailed disclosed by the officials. The awful news of his extinction was budgeted by his administration on his social media epithet. Saint Dog’s death has sent shockwaves in the hip hop loop. According to a Coroner press discharge by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, Kottonmouth Kings’ Saint Dog was spoken departed at 12.10 AM.


About Kottonmouth kings member Saint Dog


The 44-year-old Kottonmouth Kings member Saint Dog was survived, Steven Michael Thronson. He organized unresponsive in a colleague’s home which is discovered at 16700 block of Tracy Street in Victorville, California. A necropsy will be conducted to know about the reason for Saint Dog’s casualty. According to an announcement by Deadline, Saint Dog’s anonymous colleague called permissions for help when he establishes Saint Dog attempting to breathe. The certificate label Suburban Noize Records seized to their official Instagram account and dealt the news of his tragic demise. The office read as ‘Long Live the Legacy of Saint Dog. They also budgeted a long heartfelt headline to talk about Saint Dog’s death.


In the headline, the certificate label told, ‘Our brother Steven ‘Saint Dog’ Thronson left us yesterday. We will lose you and your big courage. You existed one of a sort and our souls are broken. But we pledge to protect your legacy alive threw your music.’ His supervision also took to his Instagram grip and shared the announcement with his fans. In the headline of the office, his supervision told, ‘Saint was a different person that had a serious effect on anyone he arrived in contact with.’ Here is a glance at the Instagram mails.


Thronson occurred on various discharges with the organization, his last entity 1999’s “Hidden Stash,” before reuniting with Kottonmouth Kings’ founding partners on the 2018 diary “Kingdom Come.” He undertook on a solo business and his third and last solo diary “Bozo” was published in 2019 with Suburban Noize Records and Force 5 Records.Kottonmouth Kings organizing unit and rapper Saint Dog disappears at the age of 44