Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden upsets over Jury’s verdict.

The President of the United State has expressed his anger over the clearance of a teen who shot two men during last year racial fight and later pronounced innocent by the Court.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden upsets over Jury's verdict.
Kyle Rittenhouse

The President shows his discomfort over the verdict through a press statement and later agree to abide by the rule of the Court.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a US teenager wept as Jury pronounced him innocent of all the criminal charges leveled against him as a result of the Kenosha shooting in Wisconsin on 25th August last year.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden upsets over Jury's verdict.
Kenosha Unrest Shooting

The verdict of the court has caused a subtle protest in the city.
The 18years old Rittenhouse admitted to shooting a 36years old Joseph Rosenblum, 26years old Anthony Huber and injuring 28years old Gaige Grosskreutz but only did so in defence of his personal self.

The past cadet of the Police Youth was also cleared of two charges of intentional homicide and endangering safety recklessly.

Mr. Rittenhouse almost happily got collapsed on Friday as Jury of Seven Women and Five Men decided his fate after days of deliberation.
His mother wept after the verdict.

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All the people shot by Mr. Rittenhouse were all White but the issue of race wasn’t taken into consideration as the situation happened during a civil chaos and Police brutality.

Mr. Biden however made it known to the newsmen on Friday during an interview with a reporter outside the white house that he stood with Jury decision despite not being happy with it because they all know better as far as the trial is concern.
President Joe Biden said he knows that the verdict of the case will actually got many people angry include myself he said, but, there’s nothing that can be done as the Judiciary has already spoken.

Some local store owners in the City hope the trial ended quickly so the city can progress as the trials has brought lots of disturbance to their daily activities.

The conservative however believed that Mr. Rittenhouse is a heroic patriots who excercise his right against mob during rampage.

Most members of the Democratic condemned the verdict while Republicans lauds the decision of the Court says “Justice had been served” and some offered him internships.