Lawrence Jones explains Black voters frustration with the Democratic Party:LAWRENCE JONES: So the sensible political minds of “The View” might not understand, however I do. Sunny Hostin says “Black Republicans” is an oxymoron, but an oxymoron is Democrats saying they care approximately Black lives at the same time as helping Planned Parenthood,

whose founding challenge was to exterminate Black and Brown infants. An oxymoron is Democrats pronouncing all children should have get right of entry to to fine schooling, however siding with the teachers’ union over students and parents.

An oxymoron is pronouncing that the government is systemically racist, and then thinking the identical government, [that’s] racist, will resolve all of our issues. In the phrases of a classic R&B tune, “Ex-Factor”:

“It may want to all be so easy, but you’ll instead make it hard. Tell me who I have to be to get a few reciprocity.” It’s a tune approximately an ex and a girl who’s simply inquiring for something in return for all that she’s devoted.

When I hear that tune today, I cannot assist however consider the Democrats and how they’re struggling to connect with their standard voting bloc. Now on this display I have the privilege of travelling across the usa.

I speak with human beings from all specific walks of existence. And I can inform you they all are disenchanted. At this very moment, extra than six in 10 Americans trust our usa is on the incorrect tune. And neither Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer apprehend why.

You see, for some distance too lengthy, the Democrats have simply assumed they will have the aid of Black electorate. But those days are over. Black voters are pissed off with the president and the Democratic Party.Lawrence Jones explains Black voters frustration with the Democratic Party

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