No, he did not fail but the defense of Barcelona made them suffer. But after the match, the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo revealed some shocking news. The report says that Leo is not the enemy to Cristiano’s eye.

Cristiano Ronaldo has celebrated at the Camp Nou against Barcelona in the 6th match of the UCL group stage a number of times. But whenever he celebrated, the camera found Lionel Messi all the time within a regular gap. The gallery was empty but the Portuguese forward celebrated with his familiar style. At the same time, Messi was so quiet. The disappointment was seen in his eyes. He looked at the ground.

Leo is not the enemy to Cristianos eye

Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo. From the last 10 to 12 years, the football world is ruled by these two great players. But it might be true that the last duel between them has been seen at the Camp Nou the day before yesterday. Perhaps. In their last duel, Cristiano was too successful. From the penalty, the Portuguese forward scored two goals and so, Messi’s Barcelona faced a 3 – 0 goal defeat against the Italian giants Juventus.

Leo is not the enemy to Cristiano

If we just keep the speculations of the victory-lose fact, the duel between Messi and Ronaldo was so exciting in the game. These two greatest of all time colored their duel in the history of football and no other duel can be outnumbered them so easily. But Cristiano Ronaldo has the objections in the arch-rival or the enemy words. After the match, the Portuguese forward has made them so clear.

These two players have never claimed themselves as the arch-rival, Cristiano stated that. The words have come from the European news portals. At the same time, their supporters have demanded themselves as the two greatest of all time in the history of football. But in the beginning, the temperature was so hot on the ground when these two players faced each other. Messi was always in the Camp Nou and in the year 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo joined at the Santiago Bernabeu and their rivalry became so popular. Both of them tried to outnumber the other one clearly. 

Was it not affected by their relations then? Yes, they did not say anything negative in loud but if we look a few years back, their relation was not even friendly. But from the last two or three years, their relationships have become warmer. Messi-Ronaldo both of them has the utmost respect for the other one always and friendly things have come from the last two or three years. When Cristiano left the Real in the year 2018, Messi told that he will miss Cristiano in the Spanish league. Besides, in the last year at the UEFA Best Player function, Cristiano told that he wants to go to dinner with Lionel Messi

In their last match at Camp Nou, their good relationship can be found easily though if we look at the match, there was so much competition between them. After the match with the Spanish TV channel Moviestar, Cristiano said that the relationship with Messi was so sincere from the beginning. Leo is not the ‘enemy’ to Cristiano’s eye! They always try to give their best for their own clubs.

However, Cristiano is very satisfied to get the victory at the venue of the Barca and told that if a team scores three goals at the Camp Nou, then they deserve to be the group champion. Yes, Barcelona is not as good as they should be right now but the victory will help Juventus for their next challenge.

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