In the function, Lionel Messi did not take Cristiano or we can say, he did not give his vote to the Portuguese striker. After the things have been leaked, the speculations started. The obvious question has come to the front. Lionel Messi has taken revenge on CR7? Let’s find out.

In Zurich, Switzerland last night FIFA has announced the winner’s name of ‘The Best FIFA Men’s Player’ and this time, for the first time in the history of the prestigious individual award, the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski has lifted the trophy. The whole ceremony was executed ion online.

Lionel Messi has taken revenge on CR7

The arch-rival? Yes, of course. The rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo has colored the whole football and not any other rivalry can come near that. Though many of them have not leaked anything negative about their opponent in the open field if we look on the ground, the hint of their rivalry can be found easily there or outside of the venue. Now, this time, it has been seen once again when FIFA has given ‘The Best FIFA Men’s Player’ award in 2020.

Messi has taken revenge on CR7

The Polish striker Robert Lewandowski who is playing for the German side Bayern Munich has won the FIFA best player award earlier today. He has got the highest 52 voting points where the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo has got the 2nd highest38 points so far. And Lionel Messi is just three points behind him. He has got 35 voting points so far. The national team’s coaches, captains, journalists ar the football fans have given their important votes and selected the best of the year.

However, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the captains of their own national team and so, they have given their votes as well. Now, the question is, the best players in the current world these two players have given their votes to whom? And the most interesting fact is that FIFA has opened the chance for the fans of football around the world to see which are their favorite’s list. The interesting things are lying here. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo has given his vote to his arch-rival Lionel Messi this time though Messi has not followed his this time. In the last episode of the most prestigious award, the Barcelona captain did not get the vote of the Old Lady forward.

So, by not giving his vote to the Portuguese striker, did Messi take revenge on him for the last season? Though Messi and Ronaldo have told many times that there is not a rivalry between them only but respect. But if someone takes the fact like that there is only a small chance to break his thought. 

In the stage of ‘The Best FIFA Men’s Player’ award, Lionel Messi has given his vote to his former teammate and the current forward of Paris Saint-Germain Neymar. He has kept the Brazilian forward as his first choice. Later, Messi has kept Neymar’s club teammate Kylian Mbappe and his 3rd choice was the Polish forward Robert Lewandowski. On the other side, Cristiano’s first choice was Robert Lewandowski, 2nd choice was Lionel Messi and 3rd was Kylian Mbappe.

However, Lionel Messi has taken revenge on CR7 or not but the award winner Robert Lewandowski has taken his club teammate Thiago Alcantara as his first choice. His second choice was the Brazilian poster boy Neymar and the 3rd choice was the Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne. The Spanish defender of Real Madrid Sergio Ramos has taken Leva as his first choice. Thiago Alcantara was his 2nd choice and Neymar was on the 3rd.

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