Lionel Messi will try his best to stay at the Camp Nou – Joan Laporta

Earlier Joan Laporta revealed a new statement. He said that Lionel Messi has no wish of leaving the club now. He even claimed that Lionel Messi will try his best to stay at the Camp Nou.

If we consider the current contract of Lionel Messi with the club Barcelona, he will leave the club in the upcoming June. Ahead of fact, Barcelona fans’ fears are increasing day by day, not reducing. Now, the presidential candidate of the club Joan Laporta is giving updates every day. He has the hope to keep Messi at the Camp Nou. He will try his best to keep him and every time, he has released a statement about keeping him at the camp.

Lionel Messi Will Try His Best To Stay At The Camp Nou

Burofax & Messi

Lionel Messi just did not want to go to the court but wanted to do everything to leave. At that time, Messi became bored on the Barcelona board as well as the Barcelona president Josep Maria. So, the 33 years old tried to leave the club last August. He informed his wish to the club president earlier but that did not work. So, by sending a burofax, he revealed his wish. In the meantime, a week became very important to football fans. From the Catalan club, the news revealed every moment. One said the confirmation of Messi’s departure and one said just the opposite.

Lionel Messi will try his best

For a total of ten days, the same crucial situation was going on. Finally, Lionel Messi attended an especial interview where he revealed that he changed his mind and wanted to stay. Because the club president tied him up under the condition and just one way was there to leave the club and that was the case against his favorite club in the Spanish court. But the club which made him today’s ‘Messi’ did not want to go to court against the club. So, he stayed.


Joan Laporta in his election campaign presented the full confidence about keeping Messi at the Nou Camp for a couple of more seasons. But because of the Coronavirus effect, the election which was about to take place next 24th January has been postponed. Now, it will take place in the first week of the upcoming March. Still, Laporta has not shown any lack of confidence level. To the news portal ‘Sporto’ he has given an interview earlier today and most of the time, he talked about Messi. Laporta who was the president of Barcelona from 2003 to 2010 once again has come to the front.

Messi’s Target

Laporta claimed that Lionel Messi has forgotten all and is concentrating to win everything with the club once again. Now, in La Liga, he wants to catch Atletico Madrid and at the same time, he is focusing on their next Champions League match against Paris SG. Lionel Messi missed a couple of matches but played in the Spanish Super Cup final earlier today. Though the team lost and Messi saw a red card, he always gives his teammate full support and confidence. It is very important.

Joan Laporta believes that if Messi gets someone like him as the president of Barcelona and if he finds the desperation in his teammates for the victory, he will definitely stay at the Camp Nou. Day by day, Lionel Messi has become happier on the ground. It means that he is enjoying his games. Laporta knows Messi wants to stay and also knows that he will try his best with everything he has to stay at the club as long as he can if the club can present such an offer to him.

In the last few seasons, Barcelona’s performance in the Champions League is so disappointing. Last time, they faced a big defeat against the German champion Bayern Munich. Last February Messi told in an interview that if Barcelona shows an interesting sporting project, he will stay at the club.