LM10 wants to leave the Camp Nou in the best possible way

According to the report of La Sexta, Lionel Messi has not confirmed anything. To him, Barcelona is his life and if anytime he wishes to leave the club, it should be in a perfect way. Yes, the report demanded that the Argentine LM10 wants to leave the Camp Nou in the best possible way.

With his current club Barcelona, at the end of the season, his current agreement will be ended. So, the rumor has spread a long time ago. Will Messi stay at his current club Barcelona or take his departure from here? To the Spanish television channel La Sexta, earlier Lionel Messi has given an interview. The interview has been published yesterday.

Lm10 Wants To Leave The Camp Nou In The Best Possible Way

Messi Vs Club Relation

No need to be worried to see the headline of the news. The Catalan club Barcelona is the life of Lionel Messi. Even much endeared than his earthly life. He might not leave the Catalan club right now. At least it is not in his plan right now.

Barcelona is his childhood club and his first loveable professional club. Yes, at the beginning of the season, his relationship with the club was not as expected. So, he wanted to leave the club for good. He wanted to be happy and tried to make a new port. But after so many incidental facts finally, the Argentine wished to stay at the Camp Nou for one more season.

Messi’s Next Move

The Spanish club Barcelona is passing a very difficult time considering the financial condition. They cannot give the desire financial support to the players and neither they brought new players. On the other side, the Premier League side Manchester City and French club Paris SG wants to buy the Argentine sensation, Lionel Messi. They are almost ready.

These two big clubs in Europe are ready to give the biggest amount to 33 years old football and Barcelona has not the ability to provide such a big amount right now because of their poor financial situation. But If Messi leaves his club Barcelona, where will he go? In his interview, he has not taken any European club’s name.

At the end of his professional career, Messi wants to take the taste of playing in the United States Major League Soccer (MLS). Though at Camp Nou, Lionel Messi is passing a great time, he demanded in the interview. 

Buro Fax Incident

When the journalist presented the Buro fax incident in front of him, the current Barcelona captain stated that he feels sorry for everything. He always told that Barcelona is his life. From 13 years of age, Messi made his move to the Catalan club and now he is 33. He has spent much more time here in Barcelona than in his nation Argentina. Messi has learned everything from the club. The club has made him the player that we see right now.

Current Standing of Leo

Lionel Messi has also revealed his current standing at the Camp Nou. To speak the truth, he is good at the club right now. Yes, it is also true that in the last season, he passed the worst time here because of how it ended. Later, the Buro fax.

The truth is Messi has taken all the blames on his shoulders just for the controversial facts or decisions he made before the beginning of the season. But now, he feels great and wants to fight with everything for all the titles. The club is passing a very bad time now but he wants to look forward.

He also informed that he does not know he leaves the club or not but if leaves, LM10 wants to leave the Camp Nou in the best possible way!