Louise Gluck, the first American women to won Nobel prize 2020.

The  Louise Glück an American poet has become the first American lady to win the Nobel prize for literature in 27 years, referred for “her apparent poetic voice that with simple beauty gives rise to individual existence universal” Said the Swedish Academy on Thursday. The Academy’s Permanent Secretary Mats Malm said that Gluck, 77, who is also a numerous champion of U.S. literary awards, was very  “surprised and happy” at the announcement when it appeared in the early sunrise hours U.S. time. Louise Gluck did not state to journalists collected outside her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


  • Louis Gluck is second American women to be awarded Nobel prize in literature 
  • She is the most famous and remarkable poet of not just America but of the world.
  • Louis Gluck comes to be the 16th woman to achieve the literary world’s most prestigious award since the Nobel prizes were inaugurated more than a century ago.
Louise Gluck, the first American women to won Nobel prize 2020.

The 77-year old is just the second woman poet to achieve the prize after the Polish writer Wislawa Szymborska, who earned the Prize in 1996. Louis Glück is also the second American to win the prize since Bob Dylan in 2016.

About the poet.

She is one of America’s most well-known modern poets and was a professor of English at Yale University. She began writing in her teens.

Her first collection of poem, Firstborn (1968), was publicized when she was only 25. Firstborn gained favourable reviews for the poet’s unusual style, captioned by an economy of words and emotion. 

Her second collection includes: The House on Marshland, seven years later, would establish her as a poet of analysis. Since then she has composed 12 collections of poetry, encompassing Descending Figure (1980), The Triumph of Achilles (1985), The Wild Iris (1992) and The Faithful and Virtuous Night (2014).

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