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Artist Mercedes Vicente clarified her portrait methods to sculpting, to establish automatic contours, wave twirled trophies that gaze impulsive

calaria Bifurca, a chunk that was a finalist at the Loewe Craft Prize 2018.

“I am a crafter, I love to make objects, inaugurate new equipments, and my arrows cannot quit,” says the artist Mercedes Vicente in her low vocalist with a Galician emphasis, even though she was survived in Madrid. She is self-taught (although she researched various classes in portrait and inscribing at the School of Arts and Crafts, initial in Las Palmas, then in Galicia), at tiny with respects to these statues that were established from a procedure in portrait.

She constantly had a passion for coiled contours, the clams you form by fiddling with a rolled tape criterion. Mercedes pastes huge handkerchiefs (her favourite is the mixture of linen and Tencel), cuts them into lines and with them she organizes these contours with low and capricious angles that are a contradiction even to her. It is impossible to legislate, by swiveling the contour it takes on a being of its own.

Active in curls, any tiny modification in the grade of angle organizes a new picture, even the weather of the day revises the outcome. I am incapable to reiterate a job. These glance like liquid colours, and any deformity or blunder and you have to commence over,” she says.

In 2019 she did inhabitation in Shanghai.

She was also current that year at the initial publication of Homo Faber. These specimens gave rise to her injunctions from abroad, now she is readying statues for Korea, although her major job is for Cosme & Son, an old-fashioned merchant from A Coruña. Spain there is no specialised skill museums.”