MBA Scholarships

MBA Scholarships is a growing pressure on individuals to seek a graduate degree to succeed in their professional careers. If someone is interested in pursuing master’s to further their career and open up new opportunities for themselves, here are a few universities and scholarships to consider. 

MBA Scholarships online and on-campus
MBA Scholarships online and on-campus

Georgetown MBA scholarships (online and on-campus)

The university has multiple scholarship options starting from Access that offers up to $5,000 scholarship to underrepresented minorities and women. The Admission me Access is an excellent program that doesn’t just offer scholarships to students at Georgetown (among other universities), but it is free to join via and provides help to students in their admission tests like GMAT and provides other admission services for free or at a discounted rate.

Other scholarships offered at the university include Forté, another great foundation that offers to help women get better jobs and career opportunities by helping them get access to higher education. Another scholarship that Georgetown University offers is the Georgetown MBA Merit Scholarship that students are automatically considered for upon admission.

The award is granted based on their academic, personal, and professional accomplishments.  There are many more scholarship opportunities available on their websites that can be considered by a potential student.

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NYU, Stern, Full-time MBA Scholarships (online)

One of the top universities of the USA in the business discipline is NYU Stern School of Business. It offers different kinds of MBA to potential students ranging from Full-time to Part-time and Executive MBA. MBA Scholarship – The Best No.1 University of Florida

On their website, the university claims that about 20-25% of their full-time, two-year MBA students are rewarded merit-based scholarships anywhere from half to full tuition awards. The first MBA Scholarships that covers full tuition and fees is awarded to the most “meritorious” student, all students are automatically eligible for the reward, but it goes to only the select few at the top of the student body.

Another scholarship associated with Stern is Forté. Like mentioned earlier the scholarship is reserved for women to help launch their careers by helping them get the best education. You can see the list of partner universities on their website

Other scholarships include Directors Scholarship and Community Scholarship that offers up to $50,000 and $25,000, respectively, to first-year students showing strong merit. There are several other MBA Scholarships that you can consider while applying at Stern.

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University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, Full-time MBA Scholarships

UPenn is among the top universities of the USA and like Stern it offers multiple scholarships and fellowship programs to a multitude of students to benefit from. Starting from Wharton Fellowship Program for exceptional students with an excellent academic and professional profile.

It is offered at the time of admission. It is divided equally over the four semesters and covers the two-year MBA program tuitions and fees. Another Scholarship available is the Emerging Economy Scholarship that is awarded to students of under-developed countries from around the world.

The university is also partnered with Forté Fellowship program mentioned earlier. Another Fellowship offered by Wharton is Social Impact Fellowship for students with proven leadership in social, not-for-profit development sectors.

There are many more scholarships and funds available that offer different scholarship amounts and are mentioned on their website.

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