The House Minority leader, Kevin Mccarthy has defended Lauren Boebert over the recent spat that happened between Omar and Boebert about some days ago.
The American people are so concern on stopping price hike and other problems that has befell our country ever since Biden’s administration resume.

According to Kevin Mccarthy “I called and talked to Boebert and she apologize to Omar publicly and personally, concerning her comment, if something goes astray during disagreement, you apologize and that is exactly what Boebert did.”
However, the Democrats had claimed that Boebert didn’t apologize to their satisfaction for her islamophobic comment on Omar.

According to the House majority leader, Steny Hoyer, “That wasn’t an apology but just a rationalization.”
Omar said “Instead for Boebert to apologise for her cooked up lies and comment she decided not to admit she’s wrong and I hang up the call.”

The House progressives are officially calling for Boebert’s removal over the islamophobic comment. Nevertheless, Republicans had warned that if Democrats continue to be removing Republican from their committee the same way they did to some Republican members of recent, their will be a retaliation if Republican secure majority of seats”

The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy questioned the Democrats if anyone talk when Omar said the only reason I(McCarthy) support Isreal is because of the Benjamins? I never got a phone call nor apology!

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