Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

Quick Facts about Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth
Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth Meg Ryan[/caption]


Birth Name

Margaret Mary Emily Hyra


Meg Ryan

Date of Birth

19th November, 1961

Place of Birth

Fairfield, Connecticut


59 Years





Zodiac Sign



Bethel High school, University of Connecticut, and New York University


Actress and Producer

Marital Status



Jack Quaid

Daisy True (Adopted)


5.8 Ft


57 Kg

Hair Color


Eye Color


Net Worth

$ 16 Million

Who is Meg Ryan?

Meg Ryan is an American award-winning actress and producer who is best known for playing romantic roles in films such as “When Harry Met Sally…”, “French Kiss”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and “You’ve Got Mail”. Her cheerful persona and sparkling nature have over the years earned her the title “America’s Sweetheart”. Ryan has also played other roles, a good example being in the film, “When a Man Loves a Woman”. Behind the cameras, Meg Ryan is a creative director who has the 2015’s film, “Ithaca”, which is adapted from the novel, “The Humanity Comedy” (1943). Her stunning performance has earned her various awards including, “Screen Actors Guild Awards”, “Golden Globe Awards”, and “People’s Choice Awards” among others.

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What Childhood Life did she Have?

Meg Ryan was born Margaret Mary Emily Hyra on the 19th of November, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is the daughter of Harry Hyra, a mathematics teacher, and Susan Jordan, a former actress. The actress has three siblings including two sisters and a brother. Her family lived happily together up to until 1976 when Ryan was 15 years that her parents divorced. She was raised under the Roman Catholic doctrine and when she was of age she was taken to St. Pius X Elementary School for education. 

Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth
Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

From elementary school, Ryan joined Bethel High school whereby upon graduation she enrolled at the University of Connecticut where she studied Journalism. In a bid to further her studies in Journalism, Ryan joined “New York University” where she started acting alongside her studies in a bid to earn an extra coin. While at the New York University, Ryan was part of the cast of the “As the World Turns” soap opera and as the soap opera turned out to be a success, she dropped out of college diverted her focus into acting. After dropping out of college, the actress dropped her birth name and adopted the stage name, “Ryan”, which was her grandmother’s maiden name.

 What are Career Highlights for Meg Ryan?

Meg Ryan officially debuted her acting career in 1981 with the film, “Rich and Famous”. A year later, the actress landed herself the role, Betsy Stewart, in the daytime drama, “As the World Turns” (1982-1984). Her appearance in the commercial, “Burger King” opened some more opportunities since she landed several minor roles both in television shows and in films such as the 1983’s horror film “Amityville 3-D”, “Armed and Dangerous” (1986), as well as “Charles in Charge”.

Meg Ryan’s career kept growing year by year as made more appearances in several other films like “Innerspace”, “Promised Land”, and “D.O.A”. Her first big break however came in 1988 when landed the role of Sally Albright in the comedy film. “When Harry Met Sally”. It was from her outstanding performance in the film that she received her first “Golden Globe Award”.

Before starring in the films “Hanging Up” (2000) and “Kate & Leopold” (2001), Ryan had subsequently made appearances in several other films including “The Doors”, “Prelude to a Kiss” and “When a Man Loves a Woman” among many others.

In recent acting ventures, Ryan starred in 2008’s satirical comedy film, “The Deal” as well as appearing on “My Mom’s New Boyfriend”. The year 2009 was marked by her appearance in the film, “Serious Moonlight” as well as guest-starring in the 7th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. In 2015, Ryan debuted her directorial film, “Ithaca” which is was based on William Saroyan’s novel “The Human Comedy”.

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Who has She Had an Affair With?

On the 14th of February, 1991, Meg Ryan kicked off her marriage life by tying the knots actor Dennis Quaid. The love birds enjoyed the marriage life for a decade before love got sour forcing them to divorce in 2001. However, before their separation, the couple had been blessed with a son named Jack Quaid, who also turned out to be an actor.

In 2006, Ryan adopted a girl child from China and named her Daisy True. In 2010, the actress started dating John Mellencamp, an American singer, and songwriter. The duo got engaged in 2018 but their engagement couldn’t wait for their marriage as they broke off the engagement a year later, in 2019.

Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth
Meg Ryan Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth meg ryan with john mellencamp[/caption]

What Physical Body Statistics Describe Meg Ryan?

Meg Ryan is a slim bodied with an impressive height of 5. 8 feet or 173 cm. The actress has a decent weight of 57 Kg or 126 lbs. Her body measurement is 35-25-35 inches. She has a blue eye color and a blonde hair color. Her distinctive features include a sparkling cheerful personality and a bold walking style.

 What Net Worth Does Meg Ryan Have?

  • As of January 2021, Meg Ryan’s net worth is estimated to be $ 45 million.
  • Her lucrative active career is the main source of her wealth whereby she is reported to have bagged a total of $ 54, 000, 000 over the years she has been in the acting industry.
  • For the film, “Kate and Leopold” alone, Ryan is reported to have received a whopping $ 15, 000,000.
  • She is a philanthropist and a strong supporter of the democratic who loves to donate. For instance, In 2003, the actress donated $500 Hollywood Women’s Political Committee, as well as donating $ 2000 to Wesley Clark for President.
  • She owns a & 8.5 million mansion in Los Angeles, California, and has a collection of posh cars including a Mercedes R350 SUV – an original mix between a minivan, SUV, and a wagon.
  • Meg Ryan has also amassed much wealth from endorsement deals where she has endorsed brands such as GDI Dingo cars, Pure Skin Beaute Crème, Nescafe, and AIM toothpaste among many others.

 What Achievements has had Meg Ryan?

  1. In 1990, Meg Ryan was awarded the “American Comedy Award” as the Funniest Actress in a Motion Picture for the film, “When Harry met Sally”.
  2. In 1954, the actress won Harvard’s “Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year”.
  3. Still, in 1954, Ryan was shortlisted by People Magazine as one of the “50 most beautiful people in the world”.
  4. In 1999, “You’ve Got Mail” earned her the “Blockbuster Entertainment Award” for Favorite Actress – Comedy/Romance.
  5. Her stunning performance has generally earned her various awards including, “Screen Actors Guild Awards”, “Golden Globe Awards”, and “People’s Choice Awards” among others.

What are the Laser Known Facts about Meg Ryan?

  1. She adopted the name “Ryan” from her grandmother’s maiden name.
  2. The actress registered herself with the “Screen Actors Guild” during her graduation year.
  3. During her days in high school, Ryan was voted the “cutest girl” in school.
  4. In June 1999, Ryan was ranked by the Premier Magazine as the number 57 in their list of 100 Most Powerful People in Hollywood. 
  5. She is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party.

What are the Famous Quotes by Meg Ryan?

  1. “I don’t think we realize just how fast we go until you stop for a minute and realize just how loud and how hectic your life is, and how easily distracted you can get.”
  2. “But all that means is that something you didn’t want to happen has happened.”
  3. “It would be really great if people would realize that stars are only people with the same weaknesses and flaws, not immaculate idols.”
  4. “And the insidious thing is that people will either see a movie because it did well last weekend or won’t see it because it didn’t do well.”
  5. “Where form and function are really obvious. There is nothing easily broken in this house.”
  6. “Any idiot can be brave, but courage is about knowing what’s at stake, and moving forward anyway.”