Messi-Ronaldo are equal when considering the penalty miss’s statistics

They are the two greatest footballers of the current time no doubt. But there is a worst statistics have made them equal also and both of them would want to forget it. Messi and Ronaldo are equal when considering the penalty miss’s statistics.

On the ground, Messi and Ronaldo are presenting the eye-catchy and magical goals one after another and outside of the ground, they also provide some special activities to attract the fans towards them which have made them the two greatest in the current 21st century no doubt. T

Who is the greatest footballer in the current era? When to give the answer to the question, the two names used to come to the front. Either they chose the Argentine hero Lionel Messi or the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo. And to give the vote to the Argentine or the Portuguese star, there are no fewer supporters can be found and they are ready to provide logics. 

Messi And Ronaldo Are Equal When Considering The Penalty Miss

However, in the current time, there are not many logics that can be found which can lead one far ahead of the other one between them. They are almost the same on the ground and also the statistics have been on their side also. Though they did not make the start of their career at the same time and one of them played more matches than the other one. Also, CR7 has scored more goals than Lionel Messi but yesterday night, one data has brought them at the same line. Yes, of course, they might want to hide the statistics though.

Messi and Ronaldo penalty miss’s statistics

It is the statistics of penalty miss! Yes, quite a surprising and shameful fact though. In the last match of Juventus in Serie A against Atalanta, the Old Lady got the penalty when the Portuguese striker came to take the obvious shot but failed to find the mark.

As a result, the Old Lady made a 1 – 1 goal draw and lost points there. The football website Transfer Market revealed statistics later and according to them, in the club and national team career, CR7 has missed a total of 26 penalties including the last one. And at the same time, the same website demanded that Lionel Messi also missed 26 penalties in his professional career.

Though there was a time when the Barcelona captain LM10 had borne some worst memories. The haters said that Messi is so weak at taking the penalties. Before the year 2020, the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi was ahead when to come to miss the penalties. At the beginning of 2020, his penalty miss’s number was the same 26.

In the meantime, Cristiano failed to score from three penalties so far. In the year 2020, Cristiano missed his first penalty against Coppa Italia against AC Milan. Later, on the last 26th July, against Sampdoria in the Italian Serie A, he missed his 2nd penalty. In the year of Coronavirus, the former Real Madrid striker who left the Santiago Bernabeu two years ago has got 17 goals from the penalties.

On the other side, Lionel Messi missed his last penalty on 15th November 2019 in the International friendly match against Brazil. Later, wearing the shirt of Argentina and Barcelona, he has taken 10 penalties and found the net all ten times so far.

In the running season of La Liga, Champions League, and the World Cup qualifying matches, Messi has scored six goals from penalties. In the meantime, Cristiano also scored six penalty goals so far.

However, Messi and Ronaldo are equal in the current season but considering the total goals from penalties, Ronaldo is far ahead of Messi. In his career, the 35 years old scored 133 goals where the 33rd years old Mesi scored 97 goals.