Messi has a WhatsApp group with Suarez and Neymar

When he faced the question about the relation among them, he revealed the stages of their relationship. The report says that Messi has a WhatsApp group with Suarez and Neymar.

To the Spanish television channel, Messi has given an interview, and earlier today, the channel has launched the whole interview. There, Messi has talked about many things along with his favorite two friends.

Messi Has A Whatsapp Group With Suarez And Neymar

Messi has a WhatsApp group

Messi – Neymar – Suarez who was simply called ‘MSN’ when they were in the same club. The fearsome attacking trio. But that is past now. All three of them are in a separate club right now. But it did not change anything.

In this modern-day when technologies are so updated, they are not far away from one another. Yes, in their professional career, they are in different places. But in their personal life, they have not been separated yet. They are still the same as before.

‘MSN’ Trio

Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar were at the Camp Nou at the same time once. Wearing the shirt of the club, they had some impossible and incredible memories. They achieved many things together. The most amazing season was 2014/15 to the Barcelona fans no doubt.

The ‘MSN’ trio Messi-Suarez-Neymar was grounded for the first time. And in their first season, they jointly scored 122 goals. And their club Barcelona also won the precious ‘Treble’ at that time. In the next season, they could not win the Treble but the ‘MSN’ trio surpassed their previous records. They jointly scored 131 goals for the club which is still a great record.

After the departure of Neymar, the trio was broken. Neymar JR took his leave in 2017 but till the last season, Suarez was the comrade of Messi. But before the running season started, Barcelona forced Suarez to take his leave and now his team is Atletico Madrid. The three friends are in the three different clubs right now.

Messi Vs Neymar

Yes, Lionel Messi has talked about the current relation of ‘MSN’. They have their own WhatsApp group right now where they used to talk to each other every day. Yes, Messi speaks to Luis Suarez every day. There is still a great relationship among them, Messi claimed.

Even Messi and Neymar also talked about their next upcoming Champions League round of the last sixteen matches where Messi’s club will face Neymar’s PSG. Both Messi and Neymar do not feel good about the UCL match between them. Messi said that he does not like the draw.

Because it is too early for them to face a strong team like Paris SG. Even Neymar does not like the draw at all. Neymar also knows the current poor condition of Barcelona but he believes that the Spanish giants will back in the fearsome form.

Suarez’s Departure

Lionel Messi has talked about his friend Suarez’s departure. He still feels the pain of how his best friend the Uruguayan striker leaves the club.

Messi thought about that many times. It was not expected how they said goodbye to each other. He does not like that, no. Messi does not think it was the right way to say goodbye. Luis Suarez deserved much more. Finally, Suarez has joined a club that is the direct rival of Barcelona.

Now, Lionel Messi is spending the vacation with his family in Argentina. The Spanish news portals claimed that Messi will not take part in the upcoming match of Barcelona in the league against Eibar. The coach Koeman has granted him the extra leave. So, it seems that Messi has played his last match of the year 2020 already.