it seems that the decision of Barcelona was fully wrong about him. And Mess? He is suffering for the best and reliable attacking partner. In these circumstances, he should not be too good at the club. But the latest news revealed that Messi is feeling Thrilled with the future of the club.

Messi wanted to leave the club before starting the new season. But he is staying here at the Nou Camp almost forcefully. The club Barcelona has not presented his mind changing the game yet in the running season. They are finding the rhythm still. Besides, Barcelona has forcefully sold his favorite best friend Luis Suarez but with his new club Atletico Madrid, the Uruguayan str is continuously scoring goals. 

Messi is feeling Thrilled with the future of the club

Club’s Recent Performance

On the day before yesterday, Barcelona has lost points at the home venue. It was almost absent when Ernesto Valverde was their manager. But under their new and promising boss Ronald Koeman, the team made a great start but after a few matches, they have lost track. However, the team has passed a very difficult time at the beginning of the season. And because they had no long term project and neither they had a balanced squad, Messi was not satisfied and informed of leaving the club. But, president Josep Maria who has been forcefully resigned already did not let Messi leave the club.

Messi’s Interview

To a certain Spanish TV, earlier today, Lionel Messi has given an interview. About the difficulty of the beginning of the season, he has revealed many things in front of the journalist. Yes, there are many things to be revealed. Messi sent the Buro fax to the club about his departure. But, Josep Maria did not let him leave but wanted all the money from the buyout clause. Messi became angry and to the goal dot com, he revealed that he changed his mind and stayed at the club. But when he revealed his changed decision, he once again criticized the president Josep Maria.

Josep Maria Bartomeu did not give up but tried to keep his dominance on the club till the end. But when he forced Luis Suarez to leave the club, he could not keep his chair but was forced to resign. Before that he stated, for the greater good of the club, he has kept Messi at the Nou Camp. But the interim president of the club has informed that it was a wrong decision of Barcelona to keep Messi. Because of the decision, Barcelona is on the way to bankruptcy. So, now, Messi has many things to say.

Messi is feeling Thrilled with the future

To learn about the whole interview of Lionel Messi, the football fans around the world will have to wait till the next 27th December when it will be released. But for now, just a few parts of the interview have been leaked to increase the interest of the football lovers. And the technique has worked perfectly it seems. Because in the interview which was taken by RAC radio, Lionel Messi has talked about the summer transfer. 

When he wanted to leave the club, the time was so painful for him, he described. He also revealed the truth and stated that he feels good at the club. In the last summer, he passed the worst time. Though the whole fact started earlier. He passed through a difficult time in the last summer, his Buro fax, and the rest matters. But now, he is good at the Camp Nou.

In the upcoming January, if Messi wants he can talk with any club. And considering the current financial condition of Barcelona, the salary of Messi seems too big for them and they do not have the ability to pay him perfectly it seems.

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