Messi is not among the best 30

Not even in the best 30. No, out of the top three leagues and European competitions, when we look to the top goalscorers list of the running year, Lionel Messi is not among the best 30. His name is in the 31st position.

To score goals is pretty easy for him. But when we look at the highest goalscorers list in the year 2020, we cannot find the name of Messi which is pretty much impossible. Maybe, the eye is causing the problems. No? But the fact is true. The football lovers will not find his name on the upper side of the list.

Messi Is Not Among The Best 30

Messi is not among the best 30

It is the year 2020. The year of Coronavirus. The change can easily be noticed in the lifestyle of the peoples around the world. Yes, Lionel Messi has been changed also. The Argentine’s name which is almost similar to the club Barcelona wanted to leave the club before starting the running season.

But because of some complication of the agreement, he failed to make his move. Now, on the ground, his role has been changed a little. And it seems that the statistics have been affected by his new role.

Messi’s Standing

Till now, wearing the shirt of the Catalan club, in the year 2020, Lionel Messi’s goals are only 26! It is so surprising. If we are to calculate only the goal number, he will be placed with seven more players in the 24th position as we speak.

In the last week, wearing the jersey of just one club, he has made the record of scoring the highest 644 goals. But when we look at the statistics of his goal per minute calculation, Lionel Messi is behind the seven players.

Performance Analysis

In the year 2020, Lionel Messi has played 44 matches and scored 26 goals. In every 151 minutes, the 33 years old Lionel Messi got one goal only. Before ending the year 2020, Barcelona will play one more match. And in the upcoming Tuesday against Eibar, they will play a match in La Liga. If Lionel Messi is able to score one or more goals in the match, he might make his move among the top 15 so far.

The same Messi scored 45 goals in the year 2019 by playing 48 matches. In the last year, Messi took only 86 minutes to score one goal and on the list of the highest goalscorers, he was holding the 3rd position. With 48 and 54 goals, only two players were just ahead of him in the last year. The Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski grabbed the 2nd position so far.

Top Three

In the year 2020, the highest goalscorer is Robert Lewandowski who was in the 2nd position in the last year. As a result, he has won the Best FIFA Men’s Player 2020 award already. By playing 40 matches in all competitions, the Polish forward Robert Lewandowski has scored the highest 45 goals so far. In every 78 minutes, he has got one goal so far.

Leva who led his team Bayern Munich to the Champions League throne is on the top where the Old Lady Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo is holding the 2nd position as we speak. The arch-rival of Lionel Messi scored 41 goals by playing 41 matches wearing the shirt of Juventus.

In every 83 minutes, CR7 has scored 1 goal. However, in the year 2019, Cristiano was far behind Lionel Messi. With 25 goals, he grabbed the 90th position which was so unexpected. By playing 47 matches, the Inter Milan Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku is holding the 3rd position so far.