Messi is the best footballer in history

When he claimed the record for his own by replacing Pele, Messi’s former club teammate Carles Puyol told that Messi is the best footballer in history. In his opinion, Messi will be considered the greatest footballer in the history of football.

Wearing the jersey of just one club, now, the Argentine sensation Lionel Messi is holding the record of scoring the highest number of goals. The record was grabbed by the king of football Pele for a long time. But in the last match of Barcelona, Messi has surpassed Pele’s record.

Messi Is The Best Footballer In History

Messi is the best footballer

There are many players who can be seen in football who is regarded as the greatest in the history of the most popular game in the world. Pele is the one who is arguably the greatest in history. Besides, there is Diego Maradona, the name of which used to come beside Pele. But in recent times, Cristiano and Messi are considered as the best of them all. Many football fans keep Cristiano ahead of Messi but once the teammate of Messi finished the calculation with just one sentence. He said that Messi is the best footballer in history!

Messi’s 644 Goals

The day before yesterday, Barcelona faced Real Valladolid in the Spanish league competition and beat them by a 3 – 0 goal. Messi has scored an amazing goal along with an assist. He became the best player in the match. But the most amazing thing was, after scoring the goal, Messi has surpassed Pele’s record.

The Brazilian legend scored 643 goals wearing only one club’s shirt. He played for the Brazilian club Santos and made the record which stood for a long time. Now, after all these years, Messi has grabbed the record who has scored 644 goals wearing the shirt of Barcelona.

To make the record, the Argentine star needed 16 years. In October 2004, the 33 years old Argentine forward made his debut wearing Barca’s shirt against Espanyol.

Carles Puyol On Messi

In the debut match of Lionel Messi back in 2004, Carles Puyol secured the defense of the Catalan club and played alongside him. The former skipper of the club told that goal dot com that if he was asked about Michael Jordan, he can easily say that he is the GOAT (Greatest of ALL Time) in the history of Basketball.

Now, he would say the same about Messi. Lionel Messi is the GOAT of football. Yes, there is still discussion going on if Jordan is the best of all time or not. In the same way, a Real Madrid fan cannot accept Messi as the greatest of all-time easily.

The 42 years old Carles Puyol has praised Messi a lot and stated that they are very fortunate to get Messi as one of them. If he is not a Barcelona fan, still the numbers can say who is the best of all. The former teammate of Messi does not know if anyone in the future will be able to break the record of Messi or not. To him, it will be very difficult. No, not impossible but nearly like that. To keep the best performance, to stand as the best for a long time will be very difficult. Now, they have to wait.

Puyol has also made things simple. He felt honored to play alongside the greatest footballer of all time. He feels very proud of how they shared the same ground, the same dressing room. From the year 2004 to 2014, the former captain of Barcelona played alongside the Argentine forward Lionel Messi.