Messi-Ramos can change the club after six months

In the season, there are some big players who are going to meet the end of their current deals. Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos are on the top of the list. So, the updated report says that Messi-Ramos can change the club after six months.

The winter transfer schedule is going to open in next 4th January 2021. And from now on, the European clubs have started to tidy up their squad. There are a number of players who are going to meet the end of their current agreement at the end of the season. It means there are only six months in hand according to the current agreement. As stated by the rules of the agreement, if they want, they can start to talk with new clubs for the upcoming movement. 

Messi-Ramos Can Change The Club After Six Months

Good Or Bad

The players are still accepting the new year 2021 because the new year has just started its journey. By removing the last year’s horror and worst memories, the football players and the coaches are trying to move forward. At the same time, they hope to make a great start in the new year. They expect the best. Though all of them want to get good news in the new year no, the year 2021 will not bring only good news. The fear of losing the best players are also pointing at them. Yes, the European clubs must accept that.

Upcoming Transfer Window

After just six months, the summer transfer window will start though we are overlooking the winter transfer schedule which is knocking at the door. Most big stars do not take winter transfer as the best time to leave their club. So, they might just want to start the discussion about their next move. After just six months, which will be their new destination, they can clearly bring it to the front, and no need to hide. And in that case, their current club cannot stop them from talking with the interested clubs. 

Messi-Ramos can change the club

Besides, they will also get the chance of making a new agreement with the current clubs. But at the same time, in the winter transfer season, they can talk with different interested clubs so far. Considering all, they are going to get a wonderful time to pick the best and suitable club for them.

Who Are They

However, the clubs basically do not want to face such a situation. No, they do not. They used to renew the agreement with the players before entering the last six months phase. But still, many players fail to renew their deal before the phase. Some of them do not want to renew the contract and in some cases, their current clubs do not feel interested to extend the deal. In the running January, many players have come to the last six months phase who are going to meet the end of the deal. They can freely start the new dialogue with the interested clubs from now on. In the list, a number of top-rated players have been placed. Who are they? Let’s find out.

Top-Rated Players

There is nothing new to say about the deal of the Barcelona captain. The Catalan club wants to make the new deal but Messi has not shown any interest yet. He can make his move to the EPL club Man City or the French club PSG or the Italian club Juventus.

The Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos’s agreement is going to end at the end of the season. Just like Messi. But the club has not started any dialogue with him yet. The interested clubs which want to bring this top-rated defender are Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. He can freely start the talk with the club. 

Man City striker Sergio Aguero is also on the list. Because of his continuous injury, Man City might not want to make a new agreement with him. There are many players like Edinson Cavani, Mesut Ozil, David Alaba and others who will meet the end of their current contract at the end of the season.