President-elect Joe Biden disputed for peace Wednesday in a Thanks giving-eve lecture to the country begging Americans to “steel our spines” for a battle against the coronavirus that he foresaw would begin again for months.

Milwaukee County’s recount of the presidential election ballot score came to a verge Friday, with Democratic President-elect Joe Biden expanding 132 ballots to his latitude of victory over President Donald Trump in Milwaukee County.  

In all, Biden progressed 257 votes and Trump expanded 125. The outcomes came Friday twilight, seven days after the undertaking to review nearly 460,000 votings cast in the county started at the downtown Wisconsin Center. The last score amounted to 459,723.

Since the recount, Joe Biden had 317,270 polls in Milwaukee County to Donald Trump’s 134,357. The recount increased the wholes to 317,527 for Joe Biden and 134,482 for Donald Trump.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson told after the Milwaukee County Board of Commissioners suspended at 5:30 p.m. that the recount indicated that elections in the county are reasonable, transparent, detailed and comfortable.

Christenson told that he  pledged that this would be a transparent and fair procedure, and it was. He added that there was an analysis of every ballot by election employees, a meticulous recounting of every voting that was appropriately cast, a translucent process that enabled the world to examine, a fair procedure that allows the aggrieved candidate who strived the recount a chance to examine and dispute to votes they think should not be counted.

He told the county fulfilled all of the different challenges related in the recount, not smallest of which was the coronavirus pestilence.

Rick Baas told he believed the Trump campaign and is  looking forward to its day in tribunal and that some things had to be rectified during the recount. 

He also added that it is important for people to understand how their administration labors. A recount is almost that: a recount. Now, there’s information that will be seized to another level and it will be surveyed there, but this body has administered itself in a mood that is outstanding. We existed not the rest of the nation. We did not have shouting, screaming, yelling. We had attorney that could make a meaningful argument. He said that they’ve accomplished the best we can do given the situations that they’re under.

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