Minnesota Rep, Ilhan Omar Hangs Up A Phone Conversation With Rep. Lauren Boebert. See Why!

Lauren Boebert, the Republican Representative from Colorado in a phone call with Ilhan Omar, the discussion was about the just happened controversies about the Minnesota Democrat.

The call was ended by Omar hanging up shortly after the congresswomen had requested for Public apologies.
Boebert who made it known that she arranged the conversation with Omar so as to “let her know directly that I had reflected on my past comment”

Boebert said “As a strong Christian woman who have strong believe, I don’t want any of my word to have negative effects on another person. Even after I issued a public statement concerning that, she still demanded for a public apology for the bad I have done”

According to Boebert said “Ilhan Omar kept demanding for public apology then I told her also to make a public apology to the American people for all her anti-semitic, anti-American and anti-police rhetoric policies as she was dragging me back, I was doing same and she hung up on me.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar issued a statement to blame Boebert for unfolding the call and confirm that it was herself who ended the conversation.
According to Omar’s statement “Today, I graciously accepted call from Boebert hoping to receive an apology for a false claim that she met me on an elevator suggesting that I’m a terrorist, instead for her to apologise for her Islamophobic comments and lies, Rep. Boebert failed to acknowledge her painful and divisive comments and I ended up the call.”

Do you think Omar’s action by hanging up a phone conversation was good enough?