Miss America 1993 Leanza Cornett perishes after enduring head concussion.

Leanza Cornett, a woman who was put forward in Jacksonville and capped Miss America in 1993, has perished after being hospitalized for a chair trauma. She existed for only 49 years and died at a very young age.

The evidence introductory broke on Leanza Cornett’s Circle of Love, which is a civil fora page that was surveying her circumstance after the pain. That post read:

Dear Disney household

Sue wrote that he is  there to let all realize Leanza ratified this afternoon. She breathed so loved. He don’t realize like jotting down a lot exactly now; His heart is halted.


Quickly afterward, the Miss America Organization posted:

As per the Leanza Cornett’s Circle of Love, the abandoned Miss America maintained a skull pain on Oct. 12. Occasionally, the Facebook page would stake revamps on her circumstance. A mail on Saturday afternoon named Cornett’s mother, Patti, as having previously told that no news is good news.

Circumstances encircling the injury were not shortly clear.

Cornett was also crowned Miss Florida in 1992. Later existing crowned Miss America, she’s comprehended as the first elegance queen to approve AIDS understanding and deterence as her strategy.

Leanza Cornett who is 49-year-old was the main actress to fiddle a live-action “Ariel” in the “Little Mermaid” phase show at Walt Disney World Resort in 1991. Through her business, she fulfilled as an announcer for various box shows encompassing Entertainment Tonight, as recorded on her IMDB profile. She also made impressions in television shows prefer Crime Scene Investigation i.e CSI, Weeds and Saved by the Bell: The New Class.

Leanza Cornett who was survived in the year 1971 in big Stone Gap, Virginia, but she was put forward in Jacksonville and graduated from Terry Parker High School in 1989. She was inaugurated into the school’s Hall of Fame in 2006. Cornett also followed Jacksonville University.

In 1995, she wedded her husband Mark Steines on the isle of Kauai in Hawaii. They overdue divorced in 2013.

Cornett evacuates behind two kids namely Avery Steines who is 16, and Kai Steines who is 18.

Upon learning the news, Leanza’s ex-husband and veteran television temperament Mark Steines, communicated his suffering on Instagram.