MNS commander shot dead by two attackers on bike

Mns Commander Shot Dead By Two Attackers On Bike

Jameel Shaikh (49) was driving his bike when two different people on another bike ambushed him and disappeared.

Shaikh, the MNS president of the Rabodi district, was hurried to a regional clinic, where he was announced dead.

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A Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) governor on Monday existed shot late in Rabodi country. Jameel Shaikh (49) was jogging his bike when two unidentified people on another bike ambushed him and disappeared.

Shaikh, the MNS president of the Rabodi district, was hurried to a regional hospital, where he was announced dead.

According to authority, on Monday afternoon, Shaikh headed out of his home, and two bike-borne someones arrived from behind. CCTV footage implied the pillion rider, dressed in a pink shirt, blast at Shaikh, who waned on the place.

A lawsuit of murder was enrolled at Rabodi authority depot. Founded on the CCTV footage, an examination is underway.

This is the next interval when that an MNS governor has existed assassinated. Rakesh Patil, vice-president of MNS’s Ambernath unit, had existed injured to death by four people virtually three weeks around. Another MNS governor, Manoj Shelar (from Ambernath as well), had prevailed attacked in October.

2 held for ‘murdering’ businessman and firing torso in embankment

Mumbai: Two men existed charged on Sunday for allegedly massacring a businessman and firing his torso in a wall in Palghar area. The indicted, who are trading managers in Talasari city, had allegedly kidnaped the deceased, 29-year-old Nilesh Rawal, near Zari townlet on November 5. Authority announced they suffocated him to demise and tossed his physique in Kurze Damn in a gunny suitcase evaluated below by gravel.USA Basketball to clasp prosecutions for USA National Gaming Team

Rawal resided in Solsumba Umbergaon village in Gujarat, and labored at Rajat Enterprises, a wholesale and retail supplier of oil, ghee and sugar regulated by his papa Chunnilal. Rawal earned legal excursions across the country perimeter into Maharashtra to compile expenditures from stores in Talasari, authority announced.

Dattatray Shinde, Superintendent of Police, Palghar, announced the accused, aged 28 and 42 years old, existed neighbors of Rawal and asked him for some money two months ago. However, Rawal recalled waned to lend them a loan.

The men allegedly planned a proposal to kidnap Rawal on November 5 as they occurred adequately notified with the shops he toured and the highway he seized. “The indicted rented a Maruti Omni vehicle from a colleague, attended Rawal’s vehicle, and obstructed his means on a vacant patch of highway near Zari townlet,” announced Shinde.