Mount Mercy University

Mount Mercy University (MMU) is home to 1600+ students from all across the globe. As a private institution and predominately Catholic students, the campus setting is sub-urban sprawling over 40 acres, and as per Best College edition, 2022 is ranked no. 51.

It is focused on outcomes evident from fact that 97% of the MMU graduates are employed within the first nine months of graduation. Integral to the catholic values, the curriculum revolves around the five themes of earth, immigration, non-violence, racism, and women and offers equality, diversity, and peace. Mount Mercy University offered The graduate scholarships are as under:

Iowa Teachers Tuition Scholarship Program – Master of Arts in Education (MAED)

The online program covers only 30-35 credit hours spanning over 18-24 months and allows to learn the tools for meeting the needs of the students for the greater good. As a part of the scholarship, the successful candidates receive $145 per credit hour (over a 25% discount).

It is applicable for all courses offered between June 2021 to July 2023 and applicable to current Iowa public and private teachers. The certificates offered are in early childhood, effective teaching, reading, teacher leadership, etc. 

Freshmen Academic Scholarship (For Freshmen Students)

Mount Mercy University’s Students must be enrolled full-time to receive this award. The prestigious Freshmen Academic Scholarship depends on the academic profile and SAT scores. The Presidential Scholarship valued at #22,000 requires a minimum GPA of 3.8 or ACT of 28 (SAT 1300) or #1 class rank.

The Distinguished Scholarship valued at $20,000 requires a minimum GPA of 3.5 or an ACT of 24 (SAT 1160). The Dean’s Scholarship valued at $18,000 requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 or ACT of 20 (SAT 1030). While Collegiate Scholarship requires less than 3.0 GPA or ACT lower than 20 (SAT 1030). 

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Catherine McAuley Scholarship (For Freshmen Students)

This prestigious award is only open to the incoming freshmen for fall 2022. Since it is only for need-based students so it is highly competitive. For eligibility, the prospective student has to provide evidence for family income less than $50,000 and meet Pell Grant criteria.

In addition, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid must be filed by July 1 in the first year and May 1 for the subsequent years. The candidate must be an Iowa resident and graduate from Iowa school. The candidate has to live on-campus and meet the requirements.                                                                           ( 

Mount Mercy University
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Athletic Scholarship (For Freshmen /Transfer Students) 

The amount of Athletic Scholarship is determined by the coaches of each sport in close coordination with the athletic director and student financial services. It is awarded to the full-time students who can compete in the NAIA athlete events. 

Music Scholarship (For Freshmen /Transfer Students)

The scholarships are open for both freshmen and transfer students having music majors and the amount is determined by the music director. The students are granted $2,500 annually for four years and the amount can also increase. All degree-seeking students at MMU are eligible for this award.

Creative Talent Scholarship (Freshmen/Transfer Students in Mount Mercy University)

Mount Mercy University’s scholarship is open for both freshmen and transfer students in areas of art and design along with writing with no restriction on the majors. The grant value is $3,000 for freshmen and $2,000 for transfer students which are renewable for up to four years.

Sustainability “Green” Scholarship (Freshmen/Transfer Students)

The students are eligible for a green scholarship for $3,000 and it is renewable annually. The involvement is required to be shown in sustainability projects/issues and leadership positions on campus. Students must also be active members of the sustainable scholarship program and promote green events/projects on campus. ( 

Note: The information on other scholarships can be acquired from the following link: (