Mum Arrested In Nashville For Bringing Gun Into The School During Fight.

A Nashville mom had been arrested on Thursday for bringing a loaded semi-automatic handgun into a high school when physical fight between students and authorities was ongoing.

According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, a 38years old Barquita Williams was caught with the nine-millimeter semi-automatic handgun on her person after walking onto the grounds of East Nashville Magnet School.

According to Police, the incident started when two female students, who had argued earlier in the day, jumped into a physical altercation upon seeing each other in a stairwell after school was closed.

After officers ended the fight, other parents told officers that Williams had a gun. Williams denied having a firearm which she denied but consented to a search after which a School Resource Office recovered the loaded handgun.

Williams was charged into custody and was released on $1,000 bond. Police did not immediately detail the charges against Williams or say whether Williams had a license to carry a firearm.

According to the statement of Metro Nashville Public School, “MNPS Security will be working with the principal to do a security assessment to determine if any changes of procedures need to be made to prevent future incidents like this from happening again.”