Nancy Pelosi Biography, Age, Career, and Net worth

Quick Facts about Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Nancy pelosi biography, age, career, and net worth Nancy Pelosi[/caption]

Birth Name

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro

Marital Name

Nancy Patricia Pelosi 

Date of Birth

26th March, 1940

Place of Birth

Baltimore, Maryland


80 Years






Institute of Notre Dame

Trinity College



Marital Status



Paul Francis Pelosi


Alexandra, Paul Jr., Jacqueline, Christine, Nancy Corinne


5.5 Ft


52 Kg

Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color


Net worth

$ 70 million

 Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi is one of the high-profile American female politicians who is currently the speaker of the house of the United States House of Representatives. Previously, from 2007-2011, Pelosi also held the position of the speaker and just any speaker but she is the only woman in the history of the U.S to have held such a position. Pelosi is a member of the Democratic Party besides which she also served as the U.S. representative for California. Currently, she is the dean of California’s congressional delegation. Pelosi is also the first woman to lead the House of Democrats whereby she has twice served as the House Minority leader and twice as the speaker.

What Early Life did Nancy Pelosi Have?

Nancy Patricia Pelosi simply referred to as Nancy Pelosi was born on the 26th of March 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland. She the only daughter and the youngest of the seven children of   Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and Annunciata M. “Nancy” Lombardi. She was born in a political family since her father was a Democratic congressman from Maryland before later on becoming the Mayor of Baltimore. Her mother was also active in the political world as she not only organized Democratic women but also taught her the value of social networking since she was a little girl. Her brother Thomas D’Alesandro III, who is also a Democrat, served as the Mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy Pelosi Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Nancy pelosi biography, age, career, and net worth

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Since she was a little girl, Pelosi was interested in matters of politics and would on several times accompany her father n his campaign events. Her love for politics saw her attend the inaugural ceremony of President John F. Kennedy in 1961. 

As for education, Pelosi an all-girls Catholic high school in Baltimore known as the Institute of Notre Dame from where she graduated in 1958 and immediately joined Trinity College in Washington, D.C. The soon-to-be politician graduated from the institution in 1962 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

What Professional Statistics Describe her Career Journey?

Since she was a little girl Nancy Pelosi was interested in politics and would on several times accompany her father in his campaign events. It was until 1969 that she officially laid her first foot into the Democratic politics after she befriended Philip Burton who served as a leader of the California Democratic Party. The year 1976 however marked her political career debuted since it was the time she got her first elective seat as a Member of the National Committee. A year after, Pelosi got elected as the party head for California and in 1981 she became elected to the California Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi Biography, Age, Career, And Net Worth
Nancy pelosi biography, age, career, and net worth

Pelosi played behind the scenes politics for a while before finally choosing to contest as the Representative for California following the death of her friend Sala Burton. She won the special election conducted in April 1987 by just a narrow margin and then easily defeated Republican Harriet Ross in the final elections held in June the same year. Ever since she has held the seat. In the 1990s Pelosi served on United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as well as the United States House Committee on Appropriations. In 1997, she became a member of the House Baltic Caucus where she holds the position up to date.

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Her political big break came in 2001 when she was elected as the House Minority Whip, making her the first woman to hold such a position. A year later, following the resignation of the Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, Pelosi was elected the Minority Leader, again becoming the first woman to hold the office. On the 16th of November, 2006, Democrats unanimously chose her as their favorite candidate for the post of speaker and on January 4, 2007, Pelosi was officially elected the Speaker of the House after she defeated Republican John Boehner of Ohio. This was a milestone for her since she became the first woman and the first Californian to hold the position of a speaker in the history of America. In 2019, Pelosi once again got elected back to the position of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, a position she holds up to date.

 Who has she been married to?

While in college, Nancy D’Alesandro met Paul Francis Pelosi whom she married on the 7th of September, 1963 at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen. After tying the knots of life, the couple moved to New York City where Paul had been employed as a banker. In 1969, the couple relocated to San Francisco where they reside until now. The couple has been blessed with five children; Alexandra, Paul Jr., Jacqueline, Christine, Nancy Corinne. Of the five children, only Christine took after her mother by becoming Democratic Party’s political strategist from California.

What Body Stats Describe Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi stands tall at an impressive height of 5.5 feet, that is, 163.8 cm, and has a decent weight of 52 Kg or 114.64 lbs. Her body measurement is 38-26-37 inches while her bra size is 36D. She has a dark brown eye color whereas her hair color is blonde. 

What Net Worth does Nancy Pelosi Have?

  • Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is estimated to be $ 70 million as of 2021.
  • She makes most of her wealth through her political career whereby her current gross salary is reported to be $ 223, 500.
  • Pelosi is ranked 8th out of 25 wealthiest members of Congress.
  • According to Roll Call, Nancy Pelosi’s wealth is connected to her husband’s heavy investments in stocks that include Apple, Disney, Comcast, and Facebook. 
  • She together with her husband owns properties worth at least $14.65 million. St. Helena vineyard in Napa Valley worth at least $5 million, and commercial real estate in San Francisco are some of their properties.

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What Achievements has had Pelosi?

  1. In 2018, Pelosi was granted an honorary Doctorate of Law degree by Mount Holyoke College.
  2. She was awarded Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2007.
  3. Still in the same year, 2007, Pelosi received the Special Achievement Award for Public Advocacy from National Italian American Foundation (NIAF).
  4. In 2015, the government of Japan awarded her with the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun.
  5. In 2013, Pelosi was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame
  6. In 2016, she received Foremother Award from National Center for Health Research.
  7. Forbes has severally listed her in the list of the world’s 100 most powerful women.

What are the Famous Quotes by Nancy Pelosi?

  1. “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”.
  2. “Organize, don’t agonize.”
  3. “I would never think of crying about any loss of an office, because that’s always a possibility, and if you’re professional, then you deal with it professionally.”
  4. “There’s plenty of opportunity for everyone, so there’s no reason to worry about somebody else’s success, either saying you couldn’t do this so she’s better than you, or she’s doing it so you can’t. No, she’s doing it so you can.”
  5. “You have to believe in who you are and what difference you can make. You have to care about the urgency and the difference it will make to your community, and you have to, again, have confidence in the contribution that you can make. You believe you care, you have confidence in the difference that you can make. And that’s not to be egotistical, it’s just to be confident.”