Take Your New Year 2022 Resolution by watching these movies

We all know that resolutions are not something that we do just for a few days or one month. They are something that we should do for the rest of our lives. However, it is not always easy to keep up with them. That is why I want to give you some movies that will help you stay on track with your resolutions in the new year of 2022.

I know it is hard to find time to watch movies when you have so many other things going on in your life, but these will be worth your time and they will make sure that you don’t forget about your resolutions.

The New Year 2022 looks very promising for us lovers of movies. No matter the genre – science fiction, horror, animations, sitcoms, romance, fantasy etc, it’s going to be a feast of amazing movies for everyone! You can take your New Year 2022 Resolution by watching these 12 promising movies coming out early next year.

1. The Superdeep

The Superdeep

The Kola Superdeep Borehole in Russia is the world’s largest drilling project, with the goal of digging as deep as possible into the Earth’s crust. Unidentified sounds resembling many people’s screams and groans were reported after the excavation reached depths of over seven miles below the surface, and the borehole was halted. When a small group of scientists and members of the military set out to find out what was causing the weird sounds, they discovered the biggest threat civilization has ever faced.

2. The La Llorona Legend

La Llorona

A wicked spirit seeks vengeance on a young family traveling through Mexico. Andrew, Carly, and their son Danny take a much-needed vacation to a remote property in Mexico. Signs depicting missing children greet them as they reach the town, setting a terrible tone. The family hears about the tradition of “La Llorona,” a malevolent spirit of a distressed mother that stalks by the water’s edge, terrifying everyone who sees her. Danny is seized and trapped in an abyss between the living and the dead by La Llorona, who taunts the family horribly. The family races to save their only kid, aided by the smart taxi driver Jorge (Danny Trejo), while navigating the ominous countryside held by dangerous cartel thugs. La Llorona appears unstoppable as she gains strength and power while leaving a trail of murder and ruin in her wake. However, a secret from Carly’s past may hold the key to eventually defeating the ghost.

3. The Commando

The Commando

In this suspenseful crime drama starring Michael Jai White and Mickey Rourke, an elite DEA agent returns home after an unsuccessful operation to find an unexpected discovery in his home – a $3 million cash stash. They are quickly confronted with the danger and menace of a recently released criminal and his gang, who will go to any length to recover the money, including kidnapping the agent’s daughters. In this head-to-head combat, the stakes are high and lives are on the line as the agent goes to whatever length to protect his family from the money-hungry crooks.

4. The Kindred

The Kindred

A young mother investigates her father’s death after he commits suicide. However, when she is visited by spirits and unearths a 30-year-old unresolved mystery, she uncovers a terrible family past that could be fatal to her kid.

5. A Hero

A Hero

Rahim has been imprisoned for failing to pay a debt. He takes a two-day leave to try to persuade his creditor to drop his lawsuit in exchange for partial repayment of the debt. Rahim is then faced with a catastrophe that he had not at all anticipated.

6. See For Me

See For Me

Sophie, a young blind lady house-sitting in an isolated property, is attacked by robbers looking for a hidden safe. Her only form of defense is a new app called “See For Me.” It links her to a volunteer across the country who watches out for her and helps her survive. Kelly, a military veteran who spends most of her time playing first-person shooting games, is Sophie’s volunteer. Sophie is forced to realize that if she is to make it through the night, she will require all of the assistance she can get. A blind girl discovers that she isn’t that helpless after all.

7. King Car

King Car

The power of a young guy to “be one” with and communicate with cars in a strange way sparks an uprising that might save his society. Our hero’s journey must expand greater than his own personal desires when his invention unwittingly accelerates the community’s underlying problems, and a war for survival follows with the monsters of capitalism.

8. Old Strangers

Old Stangers

Sarah, Michael, and Danny attempt to reignite the flames of their youth, only to be met with the grim realities of their lives. Something strange is growing and feasting on their pain somewhere beyond their reunion, deep in the woods.

9. Belle


Suzu is an introverted, ordinary high school student from a small village.  She has been a skeleton of herself for years. But when she joins “U,” a large virtual space, she transforms into Belle, a stunning and internationally adored singer. As their hunt intensifies, Suzu goes on an emotional and adventurous quest to discover the identity of this strange “beast” and her actual self in a realm where they can be anyone.

10. Eternals


The Eternals are the result of millions of years of genetic experimentation on humanity by cosmic entities known as the Celestials, who created super-powered and almost-immortal creatures as well as a more horrific offshoot called the Deviants. Throughout human history, the two species work behind the scenes while also participating in cosmic power struggles. Ikaris, who is driven by cosmic energy, Sersi, who enjoys moving among humans, and Thena, who is frequently confused for the Greek goddess Athena, are among the Eternals.

11. Arctic Void

Artic Void

When practically everyone aboard a tourist ship in the Arctic vanishes, terror takes over for the three survivors. The men weaken in body and mind as they are driven ashore and alone in the elements, with the clock running on their survival. Finally, a dark reality emerges, forcing them to choose between allying and perishing.

12. The Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud

Everyone is forced to stay at home when a terrifying pink cloud forms in the sky. Giovana and Yago, strangers at the beginning, struggle to play the part of a couple as the seasons of lockdown pass. Giovana feels stuck while Yago lives in a utopia.