New York City has tabled a profitable offer in front of Messi

Now, the team of Manchester has presented an alluring for the Barcelona captain. We can say that the offer has added the team of MLS also. The report says that New York City has tabled a profitable offer in front of Messi.

Lionel Messi gave the hint himself and now, the rest work is done by the news portals. Just a few days ago, the Spanish television channel ‘La Sexta’ has released the whole interview of the Barca captain. In that interview, Lionel Messi revealed something. He wants to play in the Major League Soccer of the United States. It is his dream. The question of Messi’s staying at the Camp Nou came to the front earlier. The confusion that Messi will stay one more year at the Catalan club or not. Till now, the strong rumor is the captain of Barcelona will make his move to the Premier League side Barcelona.

New York City Has Tabled A Profitable Offer In Front Of Messi

Offer For Messi

According to the offer, Lionel Messi will have to play two seasons at the Premier League side Etihad Stadium. And the next two years of him will have to spend with another club of City named New York City from Major League Soccer. Not only the club New York City from MLS wants Messi. But other clubs of the league also desperately looking to bring down the best player in football history. Another rumor has been spread where Messi is connected with the Inter Miami from Major League Soccer.

The team of David Beckham also looks for both Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi in the next 2022. And for the Argentine Barcelona captain, the local Matias Almeyda has already tabled a much more profitable offer. At the end of the professional career, the footballers want to play in Major League Soccer in the United States.

It is so normal in football. The footballers like Pele, Beckham, Raul, Pirlo, Villa, Ibrahimovic, and other big stars spent some of their professional career in Major League Soccer also. So, it will be not so new for the Argentine star, will it?

Matias Almeyda’s Offer

The big players in Europe when they see losing charm in the European leagues, they used to take MLS as the alternative. Because the clubs from the league of the USA provides a very handsome amount to the footballers. But Lionel Messi is not seeing it as the option of earning the big amount but his local Matias Almeyda is provoking him for another reason that is what Messi is seeking right now.

New York City has tabled a profitable offer

Lionel Messi has talked about many things to the Spanish tv channel La Sexta. And, Almeyda has seen the whole interview very well. The former Argentine player who played for the Argentina national team in the 1998 and 2002 FIFA World Cup is giving LM10 a chance of spending a normal life in the United States.

To the 90 Minutes Football, the former Argentine professional footballer revealed his comment. He has presented a bait in front of Lionel Messi. Messi is looking for a life where he will not be followed all the time. Yes, he is enjoying his current life and he is very fortunate for that. But sometimes, he would love to spend a normal life. Messi also wants to go to the market, to cinemas or restaurants. Especially with his kids.

Almeyda thinks that if Lionel Messi leaves Spain as well as Europe, his wish will come true. The former midfielder of Sevilla and Inter Milan also provided his logic behind his thought. Messi, his wife, and children can spend their own life in the United States. So, the United States will be a perfect place for Lionel Messi.