No one knows what will happen tomorrow – Cristiano Ronaldo

Because the year 2020 has already proved everything. It will be such a foolish task to think about the far future. According to the former Real Madrid star, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Just a few more days. The Portuguese forward will touch his feet at 36. But on the ground, he is still dominating like a monster. In the calendar year 2020, out of the top five leagues in Europe, he has scored the highest number of goals. Besides, he has the utmost faith in himself that he can easily take part in the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. But Cristiano Ronaldo does not want to see any daydream.

No One Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow

No one knows what will happen tomorrow (Cristiano’s Dream)

Cristiano Ronaldo still wants to play many more days still. Wearing the shirt of the Portugal national team, he wants to grab the FIFA World Cup trophy. Yes, the job is much harder than thought but there is no guilt in seeing the dream. When Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken with BBC, he has revealed his dreams and wishes but did not hide anything.

Last Year’s Performance

The Polish striker Robert Lewandowski is the best in the recently finished the year 2020. There is no question that can be raised about that. Though Cristiano is far behind Robert Lewandowski considering the team performance or success, his individual performance is chasing the Bayern Munich striker.

In the last season, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 31 league goals and in the running season, by playing 10 matches, he has scored 12 goals already. After 59 years, in Italy, someone has scored 33 goals in one calendar year. It is so charming for the Portuguese forward. A great achievement no doubt.

Retirement Plan

If everything will be alright, Cristiano Ronaldo will take part in the upcoming 2022 Qatar World Cup no doubt. At least he has no confusion in it. At that time, his age will pass 37 but right now, the 35 years old is not thinking about that. His fitness level is perfect. The tension or confusion of him is surrounding something else. Age is not meaning anything to him.

The important thing is his mind. It is also not important that Cristiano is good or not. No one knows what will happen tomorrow! He lives in the present and in the time. Right now, he feels very good and very happy as well. Yes, at the Juventus Stadium, he is having a wonderful time. He hopes to play many more years and no one can say anything about the future.

To Fans & Followers

Nothing is certain in life and tomorrow, anything can happen. Because of this, the Old Lady forward does not want to give hope to his fans and followers about the next FIFA World Cup. Wearing the jersey of the Portugal national team, he has won two international titles already.

No, a World Cup was not in them. He has not tasted the ultimate glory in his professional career. Considering his previous career, he has now got a better team right now. In the team of Portugal, there are no lackings of young talents. But still, the Portuguese captain does not encourage the fans to see the dream right now. It is too early to see such a dream.

A few days ago, Cristiano said that they have won something very special, the UEFA Euro Championship. In the year 2016, they lifted the trophy. So, their base is strong and great. Now, they want to win the FIFA World Cup. yes, it is very much possible. Everything is possible. But they have to be realistic. Cristiano has said many times that he always sees the dream of winning for his national side and already won twice. Yes, he is very happy about that.