Officer Drove Victim Away With His Car After Striking Her, Charged And Released On Condition.

An officer in New Jersey has faced charges after he struck a pedestrian on a parkway and took home the victim’s body.

According to a statement from Acting Essex Prosecutor, Louis Santiago, 25 is a Newark Police officer and has been charged with a reckless homicide for desecrating human remains and other charges after he struck a pedestrian on the way to Garden State Parkway.

Around 3am on November 1, Santiago struck a victim with his Car and didn’t call 911 but rather put the victim’s dead body in his Car and later came back to the scene.

It was reported that Santiago took the 29years old dead, Damian Dumka who was a nurse in Bergen County to his home where he deliberated with his mother on the solution and what he can do to get out of the mess.

The Police later discovered the victim at the back seat of the Car after a lieutenant with the Newark Police Department who happened to be Santiago’s father called 911 and report the situation saying that his son had involved in an accident.

However, Albert Guzman, 25 who was a passenger in the Car at the time the event occured, Santiago Annette, 53 who was the Santiago’s mother were both also charged with conspiracy to desecrate human remains, hindering apprehension and conspiracy to hinder apprehension and tamper with physical evidence.

All those who are involved in the scene were arrested, charged and released with condition.